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Pyramid Publishing (OH)

Stargazing Deck: 40 Cards to Light Up Your Sky: A Spotter's Guide to the Constellations

Stargazing Deck: 40 Cards to Light Up Your Sky: A Spotter's Guide to the Constellations

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A deck of cards to show you how and when to spot 40 constellations across the sky, explaining the key features to look out for as well as the myths and legends behind each one.

Look up and take a journey through the stars

From the twelve constellations in the zodiac family or asterisms such as the Big Dipper and the Great Square of Pegasus, to the lesser-known formations of the Chameleon or the Sculptor, the night sky holds stories and legends that have fascinated humans for thousands of years.

Star Gazing is a deck of 40 illustrated cards, each one showing a different constellation, plus a 16pp booklet introducing star gazing and constellation spotting. The deck will explore the origins and myths associated with each constellation, guide you on how to locate each one in the night sky and the best time of year to spot them, as well as key features to look out for and interesting facts about the stars.

Informative yet beautiful, this little pack brings the stars to life and allows you to explore the science and the history of the night sky through the constellations.

Author: Pyramid
Publisher: Pyramid Publishing (OH)
Published: 05/09/2023
Pages: 16
Binding Type: Other
Weight: 0.50lbs
Size: 5.20h x 3.60w x 1.30d
ISBN: 9780753735305

About the Author
Pyramid (Author)
Pyramid publishes books on a wide range of popular subjects including cookery, reference, mind body spirit and gift. Beyond its new books, Pyramid is known for its titles drawn from the extensive Octopus archive and its custom publishing expertise.

Nigel Henbest (Author)
After researching at Cambridge, Professor Nigel Henbest was appointed consultant to both New Scientist magazine and the Royal Greenwich Observatory. He is a future astronaut with Virgin Galactic. The author has written over fifty books on astronomy and space, as well as presenting/producing dozens of radio and TV programmes for the international market.

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