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Independently Published

Tangled in Twisted Imperfections with my First Love

Tangled in Twisted Imperfections with my First Love

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Life is one big curveball...

Kofi Dixon is a successful veterinarian whose had the world in the palm of his hands since he was a teenager. He never saw himself truly settling down until he married his high school sweetheart, Liviana, whose been climbing the real estate ladder. They're an inseparable pair, but both are harboring secrets that become a train wreck.

Three's a crowd...

The couple's perception of the world changes when they find themselves in a triangle spell with a woman by the name of Selma. Selma lives life on the edge. She's a heart penetrator, sexy, and conniving all wrapped in one. Anything she has her eyes set on, she's willing to get it by any means necessary. The rules of the game don't change with her. It's always about winning. She thrives off being in power.

A chaotic, tangled web is spun, and the chances of getting out of it are slim...
Kofi and Livana share mutual dysfunction with Selma. They must decide whether to confront those emotional and physical battles or live with fact that the "love of your life" doesn't truly exist. Kofi finds himself on a quest of discovery where he's the prize that Liviana and Selma are fighting hard to win over. He's stuck in a prison cell trying to escape the pitfalls of calculated deceit.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction...

Kofi and Liviana can't hide from consequences for too long, and nothing stays hidden forever. Romance and passion diminish, truths are hard to decipher from lies, and anything is possible when temptation scratches the right section of the brain. Souls ache through misguided and selfish choices. Each character realizes that betrayal may be a necessary sacrifice for their growth.

Will love be enough to prevail? Will the truth remain behind closed doors? Kofi and Liviana must determine how sacred their bond is to continue to find success through boundaries and protection. Be careful who you're tangled with... you just might be gambling with your life.

Author: Michael II Baskerville
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: 06/07/2023
Pages: 346
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.83lbs
Size: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.77d
ISBN: 9798397559447

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