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Eric Sundwall

The Anarchist's Dictator: A Lyrical Riddle

The Anarchist's Dictator: A Lyrical Riddle

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Eric Sundwall is challenging the Masters and minions of Midgard to provide a simple answer to his riddle, "What is the Anarchist's Dictator?" The author leads the reader on a surrealistic Valkyrie chase over a burning Rainbow Bridge, a dolphin tutoring the Amish, a Logan's Run-esque tour of a Presidential estate followed by some Artificial Intelligence hi-jinks on Mars. It should be clear that the case for anarchy need not be made simply on the cold ground of logic or in the comfortable circles of theory. The answer to this lyrical riddle will never be clear to most. Part short story, essay and a poem of panic, the broad underlying syllogism of this inconceivably brief piece is replete in historical reference, disturbing narrative, mythical cues and ideological whimsy. Be warned, even the most sophisticated reader may not render the answer correctly. The most honest kid may ... On July 23, 2017 that answer will be revealed and any reader, from a precocious 12 year old to the wily octogenarian, will have the opportunity to submit their guess and win a thousand dollars. Details of the contest can be found at The goal of this project is to introduce the possibility of anarchism through the heart, via a wily and witty brain teaser. Can you find the answer as other great minds and personalities try? There's an additional clue in the printed version. Sundwall will be launching a concerted speaking and video tour in the Fall of 2016. He will continue until there is no more audience. The Anarchist's Dictator is his unique knockdown and plea to a Statist-verse riddled with guilt by association, Attention Deficit Disorder and piss poor ideological solutions which never fit the ultimate human need and capacity; freedom. For the price of a cheeseburger or a bad movie you could obtain enlightenment or win some cash. This fifteen to thirty minute gulp of existential fury will be a ride you soon won't forget. Your fifteen minutes of Anarchy

Author: Eric C. Sundwall
Publisher: Eric Sundwall
Published: 09/01/2016
Pages: 36
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.14lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.07d
ISBN: 9780692763810

About the Author
Eric Sundwall is an almost life long native of New York's venerable Columbia County. Settled into the life of a gentlemen farmer, dad and IT specialist, his newly built red shed is the place to be for riddles and avoiding fame. A former Chairman of the Libertarian Party of New York, he's also served on the Libertarian National Committee. Knocked off the ballot twice, running for Congress, he gave up trying to stop wars via elected representation and isn't completely against those who try with some conscience. He founded and produced a successful public television access program dubbed Capital Outsider. Since his college days in the late eighties he's always considered himself an anarchist. He'd like to write more Existential Cryptograms should there be an interest in such continued folly. One of the four horsemen is dead.

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