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Btry Cpl W S Cole Military Museum

The Best Kept Secret of World War Two!

The Best Kept Secret of World War Two!

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The Head Military Archivist at the College Park National Archives is responsible for the title for this book, when he told the author, "You have discovered the best kept secret of World War Two and you are proving it..." Researched for over twenty years, the author has told the true story of how a Colonel on General Eisenhower's staff carried out Ike's verbal order to make the crash of a "Shot Down by Friendly Fire" Top Secret B-24 disappear The mysterious Colonel was reported by reliable eyewitnesses to have been present at every location in France and England, as Commanding Officers of the involved units broke regulations that should have led to their careers ending in a military prison. He was very young, he could speak perfect French and German, and he had better personal maps of France than the Army issued. When he told a Commander to do something, it was done, no matter how many regulations were broken. He knew exactly how to bypass Graves Registration Regulations and was directly responsible for hiding the partial remains of three men killed in the crash of the Top Secret B-24 and three complete bodies of men killed in the related crash of a B-17. Two of the three hidden dead at the B-17 crash site, were later awarded the Medal Of Honor. The author, to write a book the average reader might enjoy, has created the life of this Colonel from conception to where he would have felt free to tell exactly what he had done during World War Two and what he may have done to protect himself and the OSS personnel used by General Eisenhower to complete the cover-up of the best kept secret of World War Two. After you have read this book, you will understand there was a real motive for killing Patton. General Patton knew the truth and he was prepared to expose it in January, 1945. General Patton knew all about and understood the need for covering up the shoot down of the Top Secret B-24. He was not prepared to allow a chain of Commanders, leading all the way to the Presidential White House to besmirch the highest United States military medal, the Medal Of Honor. To him, it was a sacred Honor and he could not permit the continued use of two falsified Medal Of Honor awards to stand. General Eisenhower, the very man who was attempting to destroy Patton, was guilty of much worse than Patton had done. The accident was an accident, it happened the day before General Patton would have been beyond their control. It is very plausible, Patton would have not survived the planned pheasant hunting trip that day, which was interrupted by the accident. As an aside, he would have used a presentation shotgun to shoot pheasant, not a rifle. Then, his mysterious death occurred as plans were put in place to move him beyond their control within a couple of days. When you have completed this book, you can decide for yourself, was there a real motive for killing Patton by those who could not let the American people learn what they had done during the war?

Author: Willis S. Cole, Willis S. Cole Jr.
Publisher: Btry Cpl W S Cole Military Museum
Published: 04/10/2013
Pages: 420
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.35lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.93d
ISBN: 9780966272819

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