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The Business Guide to Effective Compliance and Ethics: Why Compliance Isn't Working - And How to Fix It

The Business Guide to Effective Compliance and Ethics: Why Compliance Isn't Working - And How to Fix It

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Across the world, organizations continue to be damaged and brought down by systemic non-compliance or the misdeeds of a few, and newspapers abound with examples of corporate and NGO scandals and crimes. This is despite the increasing ethical demands stakeholders are making of business, the exposing power of social media, the proliferating requirements of compliance laws and regulations, and the burgeoning numbers of policies, procedures and compliance officers that have been put in place in response. So why isn't compliance working? The Business Guide to Effective Compliance and Ethics examines how rules-based, tick-box, defensible compliance continues to fail, and lays out a new approach for organizations seeking to flourish and succeed.

Written for any organization and businesses, this book provides clear, thorough and practical guidance for practitioners and decision-makers. It explains in layman's terms the skills, tools and mindset needed to develop and deliver a best practice compliance and ethics programme - one that meets the requirements made by law, stakeholders and society, and protects your organization from risk of fines, penalties and reputational damage. But this is also a book for all those interested in how to build employee engagement and motivation. The Business Guide to Effective Compliance and Ethics demonstrates the value - including competitive advantage, career satisfaction, employee and customer loyalty, and brand enhancement - that a truly effective compliance and ethics programme can bring, when it works hand in hand with a values-based culture of shared ownership.

Author: Andrew Hayward, Tony Osborn
Publisher: Kogan Page
Published: 08/27/2019
Pages: 376
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.58lbs
Size: 9.21h x 6.14w x 1.19d
ISBN: 9780749487805

About the Author

Andrew Hayward is a lawyer with more than a dozen years' experience of compliance roles across sectors. Having previously worked for AstraZeneca and Balfour Beatty, he is now Head of Compliance and Ethics at Subsea 7, an engineering, construction and services contractor to the offshore energy industry. He worked with the British Standards Institute to develop the first anti-bribery standard (BS10500) and was part of the UK delegation on the development of the International Anti-Bribery Standard (BS ISO 37001:2016).

Tony Osborn is an award-winning writer, creative consultant and content developer. He has worked with leading global corporations to help them find and tell their stories and connect with stakeholders. He helped shape and write Serco's online and printed Code of Conduct, and, with Andrew Hayward, the award-winning Balfour Beatty Code of Conduct.
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