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Rent's Due Publications

The Enlightenment of Clive, The Misunderstood Warthog

The Enlightenment of Clive, The Misunderstood Warthog

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Clive, a warthog greatly misunderstood, wants to show his fellow woodland creatures he is not the bellicose predator they believe him to be. In the process, he blunders his way into the enlightenment that he has been guilty of the same sort of prejudice he is attempting to lift them from. The lesson is taught in a gentle, loving way and utilizes extraordinary words children are completely capable of grasping and incorporating into their own vocabularies. This book is the first in the "Tell Me What That Word Means" series. All books will be vocabulary intense and teach sweet social lessons. Children are encouraged to "snap" their fingers when they hear a word they do not understand. All new words are featured in the inclusive dictionary in which the adult reader can share a simple-termed definition and encourage the child to then use the word in a sentence of his own.

Author: Emily Stewart, Becky Lyn Rickman
Publisher: Rent's Due Publications
Published: 11/12/2015
Pages: 66
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.30lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.17d
ISBN: 9780692579176

About the Author
I am Becky Lyn Rickman. I am a writer because I love words almost as much as I love the people in my life. I want to fill the world with magnificent words and then jump in and splash around in them. I live with Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy, my cats, but the only words they really love are "meat" and "gravy." I am also an old hippie with the belief that most people are good and that the good don't get nearly as much attention as the few that are not so good. I don't believe in labels. I think everyone should be loved for the goodness within them, even though sometimes it may be hard to find.

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