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Level Head Publishing

The Hat Man: A Guide In Comics On How To Get Rid Of Dark Beings For All Ages

The Hat Man: A Guide In Comics On How To Get Rid Of Dark Beings For All Ages

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You thought you saw something in the corner of your eye, you turn to look and it's either gone--or CLOSER It's black, it takes form, it's a man with a hat, it's a dark cloud or something resembling a spider Then it only gets worse if it leans in to show you its glowing-red eyes, instilling fear in you that is literally paralyzing

What do you do? It's in your dreams, it's in your face, it's on your mind and it's wearing you down

For adults and children alike, these things are causing unforgettable fear and horror worldwide. Some people experience it once and dread the day they ever see it again, while others see it everyday. One thing to know is that you are not helpless, you are not alone and you CAN keep them away

This Guide in Comics is for ALL ages--a colorful and even fun look into shedding some light on a dark topic. With this book you can help yourself, your children and others stand strong in the light against this utter darkness

From The Author: "This visual guide will give you the tools that you'll need to create a barrier in your home for you and the entire family It's comical, the methods are easily explained and will honestly leave you and your family wanting to read more " *This could be perceived as scary, so use parental discretion for your children. For readers ages 7 & up.


Author: Heidi Hollis
Publisher: Level Head Publishing
Published: 12/08/2018
Pages: 80
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.30lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.22d
ISBN: 9780989977135

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