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Halle Clark

The Kingdom We Don't

The Kingdom We Don't

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"In Nevremerre, you were known, you were a beloved Princess, who could someday become Queen. Your power, strength, wisdom, and values were marked down and discussed since King Edgar found and adopted you. In Dolma, you'll begin as a foreign Princess. They will not know your strengths, but there will at least be a few foolish people who will try to control you and the power you wield. They will try to do this through any means necessary."

After choosing to leave my home country of Nevremerre, I must now embark on a journey towards a future I could never have imagined. I have been asked to marry a man I have never met and to live and help lead a country I have never set foot in. With only a small party to accompany me, I must brave this strange new land, with its demanding and controlling king, dysfunctional royal family, unusual customs, and nobles who view my very presence as a threat. Throughout it all, there is the ever looming threat of war, poverty, and famine.

Once again, I am forced to question my choices: "Am I the right person to serve the people of Dolma? Can I make a positive difference in their lives? Or, am I merely a pawn in someone else's political game?"

Join Princess Avalynn as her journey continues in The Kingdom We Don't, the second book in The Kingdom Trilogy by Halle Clark. This book introduces new and vibrant characters and the land of Dolma, a country a world apart from Avalynn's beloved home of Nevremerre, with its very different values, culture, and restrictive laws.

Author: Halle Clark
Publisher: Halle Clark
Published: 06/16/2022
Pages: 402
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.18lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.82d
ISBN: 9780578296784

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