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Kessinger Publishing

The Shadow of a Gun

The Shadow of a Gun

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Aficionados of old North American hunting books regard The Shadow of a Gun (1904) as being among the rarest of the rare. Long out of print, only thirteen copiesa "eleven of which are in public librariesa "are known. In addition to its scarcity, The Shadow of a Gun is doubtlessly the most comprehensive, firsthand account of that now illegal business generally known as a market hunting, a the taking of wildlife for commercial purposes. Merritt's account of his personal activities in shooting, preserving, transporting, and selling game is the most detailed known, despite much other scattered contemporary information, largely anecdotal, fragmentary, and secondhand. Merritt was highly regarded by fellow Kewanee townspeople as a pillar of success, a community supporter, a respected businessman, and beneficent parishioner of the local Baptist church. Market hunting had been very good to Merritt but fatal to his quarry. But let Merritt spin his fascinating and informative tale in his own wordsa .--Henry M. Reeves.

Author: H. Clay Merritt
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing
Published: 09/10/2010
Pages: 458
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 1.85lbs
Size: 6.00h x 9.02w x 1.19d
ISBN: 9781164208006

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