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Spirits of Sexual Perversion Reference Book

The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Reference Book: 2013 Edition

The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Reference Book: 2013 Edition

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Order a DOWNLOADABLE COPY DIRECT FROM where you can also order Dr. Intimacy's newest books and find out more about how to connect with her. The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Reference Book has been read all over the world in countries such as USA, Nigeria, London, Canada, Australia and Germany. The most unique book ever of its kind; it delves deeply into the subject matter of beautiful GOD-designed sexuality, sexual misuse and how sex affects our worship with GOD. It also discloses how sex influences our personality and character traits and our relationships with people. This edition includes a dedicated chapter on the mysterious "night demons", also referred to as incubus, and a chapter especially for married couples. Along with these chapters you will enjoy deep and insightful discussion of 12 different spirits of sexual deviance. What makes this book extraordinary is Dr. Intimacy's heart felt transparency and compassion as she shares her unbelievable testimony, which encourages you every step of the way as you read this masterpiece of Prophetic revelation and Spiritual insight A COMPLETE GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING THE DEEPER PURPOSE OF SEXUALITY AND ITS COUNTERFEITS GOD'S HANDBOOK ON SEX EDUCATION Thousands of church leaders and everyday people have acquired understanding of true intimacy and experienced lasting deliverance from issues of sexual bondage. In this book learn about: - Fornication - Masturbation - Adultery - Incest - Homosexuality - Intersexuality (gender disorders) - Prostitution - Pornography - Molestation - Bestiality - Sexual Lust - Ritual Sex - Incubus/succubus/spirit husbands - GOD's purpose for sex - Sexual blood covenants - Satan's true motive for perversion - Intimacy guidelines for marriage - Seeing perversion when it is not physically present - Recognizing perversion in the church - 12 Steps to deliverance - Knowing how to tell when you're delivered

Author: Laneen "dr Intimacy" Haniah
Publisher: Spirits of Sexual Perversion Reference Book
Published: 01/21/2013
Pages: 328
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.97lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.69d
ISBN: 9780979421068

About the Author
Laneen A. Haniah, is a prolific Author, Lecturer, Radio Host and Personal Insights Specialist better known as "Dr. Intimacy". Using her extensive personal experiences, the insights gained from her encounters with thousands of clients and followers, along with 18 years of research - Dr. Intimacy, "GOD's Physician to the Nations", is healing the broken bonds of heart-to-heart intimacy. Dr. Intimacy's teachings are often referred to as "Christian Sexology" because of the deep insights she reveals concerning sex and its correlation to worship, uncovering the hidden spiritual world of human sexuality. Laneen Haniah is a native of New York, born in July of 1975. A past of childhood molestation, troubles at home, and peer pressure led to a very tumultuous teen and young adult life. She openly shares these experiences in a powerful book - STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons. Her books have each been recognized by Writer's Digest for writing excellence. Dr. Intimacy is a sought after conference speaker, radio/TV show guest, and has been featured in a number of magazines and anthologies. She is also creator and host of the popular radio show Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio. Through the different platforms available to her, Laneen Haniah teaches a diverse audience the true meaning of Love, Life, & Intimacy. Dr. Intimacy feels strongly that it is her calling in life to be a safe place for people that need healing. She is an ER and rehab for the soul. What she offers is both practical and biblical wisdom on spiritual, personal and inter-relational intimacy from a uniquely profound and transforming perspective. Intimacy covers the entire spectrum of relatability and connection - to GOD, yourself, those around you and the world at large. By distinguishing lust from LOVE and sex from INTIMACY, she is committed to helping participants experience authentic intimacy; unleashing the effectual, transforming, supernatural power of TRUE LOVE. Laneen "Dr. Intimacy" Haniah currently resides in Mesquite, Texas. Along with being an inspiring Motivational Speaker, gifted Author, and dynamic Radio Host, she is also an ordained Preacher of the Gospel and owner of Innovative Radiance Branding Solutions. If you would like to book Dr. Intimacy, order her products or connect with her weekly teachings, please call or visit her online. PO Box 850853, Mesquite, TX, 75185 972-809-8492

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