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Significance Press

The Unforgettable Boss: The Seven Fundamentals of Managing and Motivating

The Unforgettable Boss: The Seven Fundamentals of Managing and Motivating

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Bob DeLisa tells the story of a supermarket manager getting fired on the spot for doing what he thought was his job: bagging groceries when the store was busy. The manager's sin? Not seeing that his job was to make sure the work got done, rather than doing it all himself.

An executive coach and business consultant, Bob DeLisa in The Unforgettable Boss lets us in on the secrets to being a good and effective manager, both as an entrepreneur or while climbing the ranks at a bigger enterprise. His Seven Fundamentals are guaranteed to put you on the road to success.

Being a boss is not easy, but many bosses make it harder than it has to be. The Unforgettable Boss is an unforgettable guide to getting it right.


Harvey Adelberg, Owner: Adventures Video Productions
Some day all the wisdom that lies between the two covers of "Unforgettable Bosses" will be encapsulated in a pill and transferred via injection. What a shame We would miss the "getting there" portion of reaching our destination. Bob DeLisa has prepared a portable feast of insights, advice and practical tips that pair well with a desire to better one's management skills.

Richard Cohen, President-Waverly Markets (a ShopRite Co-Op member)
"There are certain books which, when puzzled, frustrated, or indecisive about how to handle people issues, are really helpful for any business owner or manager. This one is essential Bob DeLisa has written a great guide to improving teamwork, understanding and productivity in any company."

Marnie Cooper, Sales and Marketing Manager-Roncari Express Valet Parking
Throw away those other tomes, UB has everything you need to know. Bob DeLisa, with heart and good humor, guides you through the steps to become a better manager. Forget the fads and flavor of the month. Bob DeLisa has deliv-ered a workplace handbook that you can carry with you while you and your company grow up. His insight, concern for his clients and comedic timing ALWAYS bear fruit. Unforgettable Boss is easy to read, easy to implement, impossi-ble to ignore.

Bernie Demko, COO/CFO: Purple Communications, Inc.
The Unforgettable Boss is the most effective tool in developing critical leadership skills. After working with Bob (DeLisa) over 20 years, and implementing many of these tried and true techniques, I can say from personal experience, it works. An easy and entertaining read with valued lessons, you will find Unforgettable Boss the best leadership/management development tool yet. Bottom line, it really works.

Bob McCue, retired VP-GM Emhart Teknologies - North American Industrial Division (A Unit of Black & Decker)
In this superb presentation of practical advice to bosses of all stripes, we have concentrated wisdom gained through experience and deep reflection. With many anecdotes and illustrations, it's a practical how-to on interpersonal communications, team building, and personnel selection and training. Anyone who directs, man-ages or bosses others will benefit from its insights. A book to read and then keep handy

Author: Kelly McDaniel, Bob Delisa MS
Publisher: Significance Press
Published: 01/23/2014
Pages: 314
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.93lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.66d
ISBN: 9780988650961

About the Author
Bob DeLisa is a lifelong entrepreneur and partner at DeLisaGroup, a management consulting firm which has served hundreds of clients over a 35 year period. Bob's humorous but incisive style always earns him the highest marks as a presenter on business management topics. He has a BS in Education from Villanova University and an MS in Organizational Behavior from the University of Hartford. Bob lives with his wife Wendy in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. This is his first book.

More Praise for Bob DeLisa and The Unforgettable Boss:

The Unforgettable Boss is a lot like Bob himself - approachable, to the point, and full of common sense. This book talks about all the things that take years of experience to learn. It breaks down the essential tasks of management - setting goals, managing teams, communicating, and evaluating and developing talent - in an accessible, easy to understand way. These are the things that all of us as managers - highly experienced, new to the job, or somewhere in between - must learn to do better."
- Greg Wolf, President - BHS Corrugated North America, Inc.

Bob has always been honest and straightforward. His messages, like the ones in this book, are filled with common sense and delivered with a generous helping of humor. You find yourself repeatedly thinking, "Why didn't I think of that?"
-Stephen Schwartz, Chairman of the Board and CEO S&S Worldwide

At least twice a day I find myself smiling after using Bob's fundamentals while thinking: Managing can be really easy. Reading the book is (almost) like having a coaching session with Bob: You leave with a bunch of useful tips, an appropriate portion of self-reflection and stronger than before the session.
- Stefan Morgenstern, President and CEO of MTU-Aero Engines North America

This book is that great rarity: a serious guide to better management that's fun to read. Bob DeLisa's practical, no nonsense advice garnered from his extensive business experience is lightened by dozens of often amusing true-life examples of the pitfalls all managers face ... and the ways to avoid them. The result is a how-to guide that actually works!
-Henry McNulty, former Associate Editor at The Hartford Courant

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