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Daniel R. Niswander- Lyon's Den Productions

The Universe According To NOWMAN

The Universe According To NOWMAN

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The past is gone. The future is yet to come. The present is here. You could say that the future is near, but it's all really NOW. Here NOW. The Universe encompasses everything and is vast and limitless. On the Earth planet, we seem to be out of touch with that fact and are often distracted by time and space. Thus humankind seems to focus much on illusive things as if there are restrictions and limitations on the simple fact that we are always conscious of our existence. Are you confused? I'll clarify. Sometimes a simple reminder will help us to keep our attention on the fact that we are only actually living in the NOW. NOWMAN is the superhero of the eternal present moment and his primary purpose is to remind everyone that he comes in contact with that all that exists is right NOW This book will take you on a journey through your consciousness. While reading it, each one experiences an individual and unique adventure. It is enlightening and light-hearted. It's intellectual and it's silly. It's challenging and it's fun. Keep the mind open and clear and a sense of humor as you read from the Universal perspective of the superhero of the NOW moment.... NOWMAN

Author: Dan Nowman Niswander
Publisher: Daniel R. Niswander- Lyon's Den Productions
Published: 02/16/2013
Pages: 164
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.50lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.35d
ISBN: 9780988677005

About the Author
Dan Nowman Niswander (pronounced nice-wander) is a multi-media artist: a singer, songwriter, keyboardist, actor, entertainer, published writer, music and video producer, an entrepreneur, and a storyteller. He has even been president of a non-profit, a media ambassador, and an Internet reporter in a Hollywood press corps, is an occasional blogger, an activist, advocate for education, and more. He has Swiss ancestry, but doesn't play the accordion...yet. He began singing at the age of 5 and playing the piano by the age of 10. His two albums of original music include the catchy pop, rock and funk songs "Fun (To the Nth Degree)," "Read A Book," "Hats," "Everyone," "Mojo," "Chameleon," "Funky Space," "Compassion," "Out of Order," and "Surfin' With Jesus," some which have received radio airplay. The first professional gig as a composer landed him soundtrack credits in an infomercial in Hollywood and his music has also been featured in a promotional film "Chameleon" that he also co-produced and it was screened at a midwestern film festival. As a musician and entertainer, he has performed in and hosted thousands of shows in the Midwest to California and from 2001 to 2004, he produced and hosted a popular local live monthly variety show in Indianapolis, Indiana. His music has been featured on FM band commercial and also Internet radio stations. He and his band have performed live on local television in Indianapolis. He has earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration- Marketing. As an actor, he has created approximately a dozen 'Rock Theater' characters that have been featured in audio recordings, video productions, and numerous live shows, and has appeared in independent films such as the award winning independent film 'Saving Star Wars" and webisodes even appearing with actor Jason Alexander. Besides music, he has also produced video shorts and music videos. His extensive print coverage includes being named Best Showman and has also appeared on the front page of a major newspaper. As a writer, his articles have been featured in various publications. He has conducted, gathered, and produced interviews with a diversity of people including Beatle Paul McCartney, Hollywood celebrities such as Jay Leno, Mickey Rooney, Buddy Ebsen, and Cindy Williams, other musicians, actors, and even writers and activists.

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