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Emilia Baeyertz Society

This Is My Beloved: The story of Emilia Baeyertz, Jewish Christian Lady Evangelist

This Is My Beloved: The story of Emilia Baeyertz, Jewish Christian Lady Evangelist

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Jewish Christian Lady Evangelist. Combinations of
these words can cause a fuss. A little over a century ago, even
more so. Back then, crowds of thousands of women and men,
of all classes, in cities, towns and villages across Australia,
New Zealand, North America and Britain, flocked to hear
Emilia Baeyertz tell her story and exhort them to follow Jesus
the Messiah.

For decades, a ticket to hear Mrs Baeyertz was one of the
hottest going. Yet, Emilia has been largely forgotten, even
among those many whose spiritual ancestors found new lives
through her message.

We have no sound recording yet we do have her voice.
She published her own lectures and biography. Everywhere
she spoke, the newspapers recorded what she had to say and
how her audiences responded. Drawing from some of those
records, and from what we have had to imagine, we present
for you Emilia's remarkable true story of romance, tragedy
and hope as an historical novel.

Author: Betty Baruch, Coverdale Amanda
Publisher: Emilia Baeyertz Society
Published: 05/28/2017
Pages: 378
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.05lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.84d
ISBN: 9780994572400

About the Author
Baruch, Betty: - Betty Baruch was born into the Jewish faith in 1927. She migrated, with her family, from Poland to Australia when she was five years old. Afer school in Horsham and Melbourne, she began studying pharmacy but transferred to primary school teaching. During her first teaching assignment in Gippsland, she recognised Jesus was the Messiah and committed her life to Him. On completing her teaching assignment, Betty set out for India, expecting God would show her where to serve. Eventually, Betty was led to Dr Graham's Homes in Kalimpong, West Bengal, where she taught AngloIndian children for two years. She returned to Australia to study at the Melbourne Bible Institute (now Melbourne School of Theology) during 1959-1960. Betty served in Dr Graham's Homes at Kalimpong for a further four years. In 1965, she returned to Melbourne afer her father died, and she remained in Australia to care for her mother. Under her pennames, Tova David and Jennifer David, Betty wrote four short evangelistic fction books set in places she had lived. God opened doors to Betty in a variety of ministries other than formal teaching in schools. Wherever she lived in Melbourne and Brisbane, Betty found ways of caring for her neighbours, encouraging Christians and working with Jewish people. Each week for fifteen years, Betty and a team of helpers handed out literature to pedestrians on Acland Street, St Kilda. Another of her ministries was with the Baptist New Settlers Association. In 1992, Betty attended the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization and became the representative for Jewish outreach in the South Pacifc. Betty wrote the first manuscript for This Is My Beloved before she had her stroke in September 1998. Betty went to be with her Lord Jesus the Messiah on 19th June 2000. May her soul be bound up in the bundle of life with God. Like Emilia, Betty was of the tribe of Levi, migrated to Melbourne by sea, yielded herself to the Lord Jesus at about the age of twenty-seven and proclaimed Jesus to the end of her long life.Amanda, Coverdale: - Amanda Coverdale was born in Wapenamanda in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea and moved to Australia at the age of fifteen in advance of her family. She has served in administration, writing, editing and research roles for architects, doctors, libraries, schools, churches, publishers, missions and authors including the Evangelical Church of Papua New Guinea, Asia Pacifc Christian Mission, Alive Magazine and Mission Aviation Fellowship. Amanda has an Advanced Certifcate in Professional Writing and Editing from CAE, a BA in Art History from La Trobe University, both in Melbourne, and an MA in Cross-Cultural Studies from Fuller Teological Seminary in Pasadena, California.

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