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Kristen N. Rea

Timmy the Button

Timmy the Button

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Timmy the Button is the story of a little heroic button whose dream, as is the dream of every button, is to be sown onto a piece of clothing. Timmy finds himself sown onto a blue pinstripe shirt, but as a spare button and spare buttons rarely see the sun or have any adventures. After the stiches of the shirt's other buttons are reinforced, Timmy feels he will never matter and so he decides to leave his home and go on an adventure like the legendary spare button, Old Man Button, known for his epic adventures and near brushes with death.

During Timmy's own adventure, he meets many interesting characters including Wayne the cowboy rubber band, Molly the forgetful eraser, and Fransis the mean cotton ball. After spending days outside enjoying the sun and seeing several wonders of the outdoors, and a near brush with death, Timmy learns that one of the buttons of his home the pinstripe shirt has been lost and Timmy is faced with the decision to either continue on this own adventure or risk his life to save the other buttons from the terrible fate of being thrown into the trash and lost forever.

Timmy the Button is 52 page picture book written at a middle-elementary school reading level, but has been enjoyed by readers and listeners of all ages.

Author: Kristen N. Rea
Publisher: Kristen N. Rea
Published: 10/21/2015
Pages: 60
Binding Type: Hardcover
Weight: 0.83lbs
Size: 8.50h x 8.50w x 0.31d
ISBN: 9780692561638

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