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Visa Required Second Edition

Visa Required Second Edition

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This updated third book in Judy Schrafft's travel trilogy, "Visa Required" follows her previous "Places" and "Other Places" with articles and reports of strange and exotic worldwide travel and exploration. From scuba diving in far-flung Indian and Pacific Ocean locales to digging dinosaurs in Mongolia and moai on Easter lsland, to scavenging ancient Middle East ruins, few tropical areas have not been visited by this world-class adventurer, always trying to be "the first footprint on the beach." As one of the first three women to be accepted for membership in New York's prestigious Explorers Club in the field of "Underwater Exploration", she joins past and present mountaineers, polar explorers, astronauts, and experts in all scientific disciplines. She has carried the club's coveted flag on four expeditions and has been present on several sponsored by other members. Her writings transport readers to underwater New Guinea, Micronesia, Australia, and Indonesia, to an ages-old camel fair in India, and to the ruined cities of earlier millennia. Schrafft also takes them on a search for the elusive coelecanth, a fossil fish found to still exist, and into the clear waters of the Gulf Stream close to her Florida home base. The author's enthusiasm and comprehensive reporting style take you to her favorite remote, inaccessible places, where the excitement of discovery far outweighs the discomfort. Join her through "Visa Required" to reefs, deserts, jungles and ruins while you are comfortably curled up at home, or flying to an exotic destination of your own.

Author: Judy Schrafft
Publisher: Palm Beach Editorial Services
Published: 03/19/2013
Pages: 244
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.73lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.51d
ISBN: 9780983153030

About the Author
Environmentalist, conservationist, underwater adventurer, explorer: Judy Schrafft's interests include every facet of the physical world. Schrafft has dived the world's oceans since her scuba certification in 1970, and in between has pursued her passion for archaeology and antiquity in desert environments worldwide. She joined the prestigious Explorers Club in 1983, has carried the club's flag on four expeditions described in Visa Required, and in 1987 was made a Fellow of the club. She lives in Palm Beach, Florida.

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