About Us


Founded in 2012 in Maricopa Az, Bookstore N More is an online bookstore, offering a vast selection of products. Whether it be Books, Audio books, DVD's, Music, Calendars, Games & Gifts, with a vast selection of products, here at Bookstore N More everyone will find something!

It is because of our love for books and knowledge that we wish to share it with you.

We  believe that bookstores are vital and essential. With the increasing number of people buying their books online, we wanted to give you an easy, safe, affordable, and convenient way to get your books while still supporting bookstores and the community at the same time.

We know that books have the power to change and make a difference in your life. We encourage you to not only fill your homes but also your minds with  knowledge and  wonder. Make time for an adventure, maybe even a little romance. 

Remember, Knowledge is Power.

Our Journey has just begun and we invite each of you to join us on it.