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Independently Published

1000: The Levels of Consciousness and a Map of the Stages of Awakening for Spiritual Seekers and Teachers

1000: The Levels of Consciousness and a Map of the Stages of Awakening for Spiritual Seekers and Teachers

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The revised expanded 2019 2nd edition features 400+ teacher LOCs (double) and new relevant teacher case studies. As "finishers," Ramaji and Ananda Devi want to get you to LOC 1000 (Self-realization) quickly and easily. "1000" is the complete guide to LOCs (Levels of Consciousness) and the revolutionary new Map of Awakening. It answers the common question "How can I tell if a teacher is enlightened?" A list of the LOCs of more than 400 contemporary non-duality and Advaita teachers is included. Curious about how enlightened Mooji or Byron Katie or Jeff Foster are? Now you can find out. It's all answered by their LOCs. Ramaji and Ananda also provide a list of LOCs for more than 101 famous spiritual personalities such as Jesus, Buddha, Papaji, Osho, Pope Francis and Mother Theresa. 1000 explains how to evaluate teachers by knowing what stage of enlightenment they are at. It accounts for the misconduct of teachers who otherwise appear to be enlightened persons."1000" is a unique breakthrough book that explains in simple terms the complete spiritual path from beginning to end. Students of meditation, prayer, enlightenment, non-duality, Advaita, yoga, Eastern religion and other spiritual disciplines will find it most illuminating.Serious students of Self-inquiry and Ramana Maharshi will find Ramaji's revelatory experiences of Amrita Nadi and starving the I-thought illuminating. Dedicated devotees of Nisargadatta Maharj and "I Am That" will enjoy new insights into Nisargadatta's distinction between Brahman ("universal consciousness") and Parabrahman ("the Absolute").Entries from Ramaji's spiritual journals highlight the book. Ramaji never intended for his private diaries to be made public. In order to make "1000" as helpful and powerful as possible, he decided to leave no secrets hidden. All is exposed in the hope that it might help to clear up confusion for the earnest sincere seeker or established spiritual teacher. Ramaji and Ananda Devi have been able to assist many seekers via the RASA transmission in support of non-dual awakening. They document some of the RASA recipients who have stabilized in non-duality and successfully attained enlightenment after receiving RASA in person or online. Ramaji gives an overview of the lower levels of consciousness (LOC 30 through LOC 499). He explains the emergence of pure spirituality (as opposed to conventional religion) at LOC 500 through LOC 559. He describes advanced seeker stages (LOC 560 through LOC 589) ready to leap into non-duality.Ramaji covers the non-dual stages in considerable depth. The new non-dual sage goes from local space spontaneity (LOC 600s) to cosmic or universal consciousness (LOC 700s) to divine unknowing (LOC 800s) to, for a few, the hesitant hermit (LOC 900s). Then the sage arrives at and stabilizes in the Self or Absolute (LOC 1000).Ramaji offers case studies, quotes and in-depth research to show how each major non-dual stage is different from the others. He does all he can to describe the nature and experience of the Absolute, helped by quotes from Meister Eckhart, Francis Lucille and Karl Renz. There has never been a book like "1000" before. If you are on the spiritual path in any way, this is a book that you simply cannot be without. Ramaji also points you to his website where you can listen for free to high-energy music he has programmed to support your enlightenment.The complete Map of Awakening with Levels of Consciousness and a condensed Map are included. Complementing the Map of Awakening are studies of 7 traditional spiritual maps of awakening: the Seven Valleys of Sufism, the Five Ranks of Tozan, the 10 Zen Oxherding Pictures, Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Stages of Advaita Vedanta, the Major Arcana of the Tarot and the Hero's Journey."1000" is a spirited, candid and passionately comprehensive major work. One of their students jokingly referred to "1000" as the "Bible 2.0." You will want YOUR copy of "1000" by Ramaji and Ananda Devi to accompany you on your path

Author: Ananda Devi, Ramaji
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: 07/06/2019
Pages: 814
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 2.35lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 1.62d
ISBN: 9781077121751

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