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6 Steps to a Sustainable Wardrobe: The only step-by-step guide to sustainable fashion

6 Steps to a Sustainable Wardrobe: The only step-by-step guide to sustainable fashion

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6 Steps to a Sustainable Wardrobe is the only complete step-by-step guide to take you through the steps you need to fully transition to sustainable fashion. Eco fashion is not just about buying greener products. We need to completely re-imagine our relationship to fashion and the clothing we wear, but we can still do it with our love of fashion and style intact. For as long as we have worn clothes human beings have expressed their culture and identity through what they wear. From colourful feathers and strings of shells, to intricately woven textiles and strings of diamonds and pearls, we love to adorn ourselves. What we wear can be an expression of belonging, and increasingly, it can also be used as an expression of our individual identity and creativity.But whether you wear clothing to differentiate yourself, to blend in, or simply for the sake of covering up and keeping warm, in the modern world our clothing has significant environmental and social impacts which we cannot continue to ignore. From forced labour in the cotton fields, child labour used for embroidery, and workers burning to death locked in factories, to toxic dyes polluting water ways and synthetic fabrics creating the biggest source of micro plastic pollution in our oceans, the way in which our clothing impacts the world is pervasive. Some may say it if frivolous to pay too much attention to fashion. I say it is frivolous to ignore it. We all wear clothes. And we can all do something to change what we wear for the better.But simply substituting our old shopping habits for more eco-conscious products is not enough. The way in which we consume and discard clothing is unsustainable. It needs to change. This is where this book can help.This book is your guide to changing your behaviours, desires and habits so that you can create a truly sustainable wardrobe. It will take you through the 6 logical steps you need to untangle yourself from throwaway fast fashion culture, understand your wardrobe needs and plan your purchases sustainably. Only the last of the 6 steps involves buying anything at all.Sustainable fashion is a journey. A series of small changes to your lifestyle that will add up over time. All you need to do is take the first step.Unlike other books about fast fashion and sustainability, 6 Steps to a Sustainable Wardrobe is a practical guide that does not focus on the problems in the fashion industry, but rather the logical process for untangling ourselves from excess consumption and committing to a truly sustainable approach to fashion and style. In this guide you will learn: - Your personal wardrobe habits and how these impact on sustainability- The role of materialism and a consumer society in unsustainable habits- The process for systematically decluttering your wardrobe in a sustainable way- Challenges to help you live with a smaller wardrobe- Tips to help you create a more coherent wardrobe that is timeless- Sustainable wardrobe maintenance and repair knowledge- How to plan a sustainable wardrobe within your budget, including shopping sustainably on a small budget- A comprehensive coverage of sustainable textiles- How to assess the ethics of a fashion label's manufacturing and business practicesWhat readers are saying: "Whether you are already an expert, or you don't even know what 'eco-fashion 'means, 6 Steps to a Sustainable Wardrobe will equip you with eveything that you need to know in order to become a conscious consumer of fashion"Kamea Chayne, Author of Thrive: An evironmentally conscious lifestyle guide to better health and true wealth"If you're after pragmatic advice, rather than 'eco' bible bashing, the 6 Steps to a Sustainable Wardrobe eBook (and accompanying workbook) is for you. It will not only tranform your wardrobe. It will transform your relationship to stuff"Jennifer Nini, Founder and Editor of Eco Warrior Princess

Author: Summer Edwards
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: 05/06/2019
Pages: 110
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.33lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.26d
ISBN: 9781096838173

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