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A Companion to Astronomy and Astrophysics: Chronology and Glossary with Data Tables

A Companion to Astronomy and Astrophysics: Chronology and Glossary with Data Tables

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Astronomy and Astrophysics is a comprehensive, fundamental, up-to-date reference book. It is filled with vital information and basic facts for amateur astronomers and professional astrophysicists, and for anyone interested in the Universe. The book consists of two main parts, a Timeline and a Dictionary. The Timeline is a concise history which provides the complete story of cosmic discovery from early Chinese and Greek astronomy to the latest findings of modern astrophysics and robotic spacecraft. Each entry in the unfolding narrative is written in a concise, light and friendly style. The Dictionary defines all terms and acronyms that deal with our celestial science, from important concepts to individual objects and space missions. It is arranged alphabetically and complemented by numerous tables of fundamental data for bright cosmic objects. The combined result is a unique stand-alone reference volume in which the reader can quickly locate information, while also discovering new and unexpected knowledge.

Author: Kenneth R. Lang
Publisher: Springer
Published: 06/01/2006
Pages: 376
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.44lbs
Size: 9.12h x 6.74w x 0.65d
ISBN: 9780387307343

About the Author

Kenneth R. Lang is known for his famous, widely used reference books Astrophysical Formulae I, II, published in their third edition in 1995 by Springer-Verlag. He is also a writer of prize-winning science books that have a broad readership, including amateurs, experts and the educated layperson. Some of these popular books, which include Sun, Earth and Sky, Wanderers in Space, the Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Sun and the Cambridge Guide to the Solar System, have been translated into seven languages.

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