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Harriman House

A Fire in the West

A Fire in the West

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In this third book of the Stonegate trilogy, familiar characters return, especially Donald of Fisher and Rachel of Westerly. It is now twenty years since Donald claimed victory in the wars against the evil Prophet, and peace has reigned. Donald and Rachel now have children, Robby and Sara. Both share a close friendship with Ari, their cousin and neighbor, who like her mother, Carla, proves to be a skilled archer and horsewoman. But the peace in Stonegate is again threatened as Raiders from the West reappear. At the same time, an impossible love develops between Robby and Ari, who realize that their desire for each other is thwarted by the fact that they are cousins. Will this be a story of unrequited love, or will fate intervene with other plans? After an argument with his father, Robby impulsively tracks the Raiders, recklessness that will change his life forever, as secrets from the past emerge and his diminishing faith is tested. Will Robby ever find his way back to Ari and redemption for his rashness? Will the evil False Prophet finally succeed in his sadistic quest to annihilate the free cities? Or will he finally be destroyed forever? Once again, love, courage, and faith hold the key to these answers as Donald once again is forced to fight for the freedom of not only the peoples of the East, but those of the West as well.

From author Harry James Fox, and co-author, Lucia Mudgway, comes an epic Christian fantasy, third in the Stonegate saga. In this gripping finale, Donald of Fisher and Rachel of Westerly as well as Carla and other favorite characters return to face another attempt by the evil False Prophet to overwhelm the free towns of the East. However, this tale centers around Donald and Rachel's son, Robby, as he confronts all of his demons-- his forbidden love for Ari, his cousin, and his conflicts with his father, Donald. Ari, Carla's daughter, also finds herself in the heat of battle and is tested as she had never imagined. Family secrets emerge amid the threat of war, but courage, duty, and love become more important than ever. Will the False Prophet finally succeed in stamping out freedom, or will good finally triumph over evil? Will Robby find redemption for his decisions, and will the shocking truth about his past set him free to be with Ari?

Author: Harry James Fox, Lucia Mudgway
Publisher: Harriman House
Published: 06/15/2018
Pages: 338
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.00lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.70d
ISBN: 9780692147047
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