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Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation

#AnytimeAnywhereLearners: A blueprint for transforming where, when, and how young people learn

#AnytimeAnywhereLearners: A blueprint for transforming where, when, and how young people learn

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How do you build a modern learning environment, one that unleashes the thinking, doing, and creating opportunities made possible when technology is ubiquitous, personal, and wisely used?

#AnytimeAnywhereLearners is the essential guide for leaders of schools and districts seeking to create a learning environment built on the simple proposition that young people will have unprecedented opportunities for learning when they have unlimited access to their own personal, portable, fully functional digital device.

Since 1989, not only have individual schools and districts moved to what is often referred to as 1:1, but whole states and, in some cases, countries, have invested in providing their students access to their own personal, portable devices. The #AnytimeAnywhereLearners framework is based on the experiences of thousands of these 1:1 schools around the world and the courageous and committed educators leading them.

Not a checklist or set of instructions for an easy-to-assemble, 21st century school, the #AnytimeAnywhereLearners framework lays out a roadmap designed to help you, as district or school leader, determine what you need to know and do at each step of your 1:1 planning and development process. Written by Bruce Dixon, President and Co-founder of the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation(AALF), and Susan Einhorn, AALF Executive Director, this in depth guide, with links to hundreds of additional resources, will help you make critical decisions, know the strategic questions to ask, understand what will be required of district personnel and school leadership, and have realistic expectations about what the outcomes will be.

Anywhere Anytime Learning could easily have been a tome full of solutions, instead it is priceless provocation providing the starting point to a collegiate conversation.....To me, it is the one book which every technology integrator, let alone school leader, should read and reflect on.

Aaron Davis on

Author: Bruce Dixon, Susan Einhorn
Publisher: Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation
Published: 01/13/2016
Pages: 204
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.26lbs
Size: 10.00h x 7.99w x 0.53d
ISBN: 9780692583692

About the Author

For more than 30 years, Susan Einhorn has explored how technology can bring new learning opportunities to all learners. She worked for many years with educational technology pioneer Seymour Papert at LCSI, the company he founded to develop learning environments based on his years of research at MIT on learning and technology. Susan helped design and develop constructivist education initiatives and products, authoring and editing more than a dozen books for students and teachers on cross-curricular coding projects for PBL classes.

More recently, working with the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation, Susan has been a leader in the development of resources designed to support 1:1 schools around the world. She has coauthored two recent whitepapers: Right to Learn: Identifying Precedents for Sustainable Change and A Policy Agenda for a 21st-Century Education.

Bruce Dixon works as a strategic advisor in the development of programs that assist governments, policymakers, and school leaders to make more effective use of technology across education. His insights have enabled education leaders around the world to better manage large-scale, 1:1 personal technology deployments, ensuring outcomes that drive both school improvement and ultimately systemic transformation. Bruce is co-founder of the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation and has run workshops and strategic briefings in more than forty countries.

As one of the developers of the original 21 Steps to 21st Century Learning program, Bruce is recognized as a pioneer and world leader in scaling change management in schools, receiving commendations from the Smithsonian and the National School Boards Association and has keynoted for UNESCO, the OECD, and many international conferences. He also allocates time to writing, keynotes, and workshops that support his advocacy for bolder thinking around what universal access to technology makes possible for students.

Bruce and has authored and coauthored several commissioned whitepapers, including Right to Learn: Identifying Precedents for Sustainable Change and A Policy Agenda for a 21st-Century Education.

The goal of the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation (AALF) is to ensure that all children have access to unlimited opportunities to learn anytime and anywhere and that they have the tools that make this possible.

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