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Beneath the Moon

Beneath the Moon

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Although Ryder and Hadlee have finally found peace concerning the death of Hadlee's mother, and the door to a fragile friendship has opened, inescapable consequences remain. For Ryder the final consequence-he is powerless to change-is the torment of loving Hadlee. He knows she will never give him her heart, and he must never reveal his. As Ryder struggles to conceal his love for Hadlee, an unexpected experience restores the memory of how he came into Injanae. Before the conspirators can complete the new preparations that dark and dangerous escape will require, the king sets in motion the last deadly twist in his plan to keep the conspirators enslaved, and force Hadlee to become Ansuetra-Goddess of the Moon-on the night of the Lunar Celebration. Using Hadlee as Ansuetra is Ateron's key to reclaiming the power of the high priest from Darvoe, abolishing the nobles' council, and finally enthroning himself as the only power in Injanae. But he hasn't counted on the strength, faith, and ingenuity of the conspirators. In a desperate bid to escape Injanae, they unleash their own plans.

Author: Janelle Clawson
Publisher: Fablespinner Books
Published: 02/07/2014
Pages: 292
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.95lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.66d
ISBN: 9780615961620

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