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Bridge the Gap: Breakthrough Communication Tools to Transform Work Relationships from Challenging to Collaborative

Bridge the Gap: Breakthrough Communication Tools to Transform Work Relationships from Challenging to Collaborative

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Tap the psychology of human connection to drive meaningful workplace communication

Human beings are born to connect--but in today's increasingly polarized world, we're losing sight of the importance of building and maintaining professional relationships. And that's bad for business.

In Bridge the Gap, two prominent Fortune 500 coaches explore how your biology and biography define and refine your behavior in relationships where you struggle to connect. Focusing on personal responsibility and awareness, meta-cognition, and curiosity, they provide a reliable and replicable framework to enhance open communication. And they illuminate the inner workings of the human brain and mind, and how they impact the way you connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Inside, you'll find eye-opening techniques to help you:

  • Master your biological reactions when pressure, stress, and anxiety hijack your efforts to connect
  • Understand how you and others can better learn from and listen to each other
  • Lead with curiosity in all your communication strategies and learn how to give authentic feedback
  • Feel more comfortable working on diverse team and embrace all cultural backgrounds

What makes this book different from others is that it focuses on the how rather than just the why of fostering better communication. And, whether you're entry level staff or a C-Suite executive, these techniques can be applied at all levels and all capacities.

Filled with practical exercises, colorful stories, and illustrative case studies, Bridge the Gap reveals how to harness the real and raw power of your mind to build solid workplace relationships in any situation.

Author: Katie McCleary, Jennifer Edwards
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
Published: 02/18/2022
Pages: 256
Binding Type: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781264269112

About the Author
Edwards, Jennifer: - Jennifer Edwards is a business advisor and leadership coach who works with Fortune 500 companies, brokerage firms, multi-level marketing clients, and entrepreneurs--teaching and equipping them to manage their biological reactions when pressure, stress, and anxiety hit. She's worked with top leaders at Microsoft, NuSkin, WeWork, and other major corporations and industries throughout the nation. She volunteers with the Gavel Club at Folsom Prison, working with incarcerated males to disrupt their own biological reactions when obstacles arise.

Katie McCleary, MFA, is the founder of 916 Ink and Paper Wings Creative, two impact-based companies that transform ideas and stories into tangible experiences that enrich human lives and strengthen communities. She's the co-founder and host of The Drive podcast on Capital Public Radio, in partnership with The American Leadership Forum, which showcases the personal moments and transformative stories of the Sacramento region's most visible leaders. In 2017, she won the Heart of a Hero award from Sacramento's local PBS channel, KVIE. Her work has appeared in Vox, Hip Mama, Sacramento Magazine, Sacramento News and Review, Sacramento Business Journal, Comstock's magazine, the Tule Review, and more.
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