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Call Me Tuesday

Call Me Tuesday

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At eight years old, Tuesday Storm's childhood is forever lost when tragedy sends her family spiraling out of control into the darkest of dysfunction.

Suddenly the loving environment she's come to know becomes an endless nightmare of violent abuse and twisted punishments as she's forced to confront the cruelty lurking inside the mother she idolizes. Based on a true story, Call Me Tuesday recounts, with raw emotion, a young girl's physical and mental torment at the mercy of the monster in her mother's clothes--a monster she doesn't know how to stop loving.

From The Author:
Leigh Byrne--When I was a kid, I refused to believe my mother hated me. No matter how many times she said it, my young, optimistic mind simply would not allow it to be true. It wasn't until the day I felt her grip tighten at the back of my neck, as she submerged my head in scalding water and smashed my face into the bottom of the bathtub, that the terror of drowning grabbed by the shoulders and shook the truth into me.

This, and all the abuse described in Call Me Tuesday is 100% true, and I, the author, am the one who endured it. Other parts of the book, like the names and locations, were fictionalized. I decided to do this out of respect for the people involved, but also, on a more personal level, I found it easier to write about the horrific and humiliating things that happened to a fictitious child named Tuesday than to write about the horrific and humiliating things that, in reality, happened to the little girl I used to be.

I'm adding this note because I feel it's important to make it clear that the abuse part of the book is true, so while reading the story you can keep it in the back of your mind that the kind of extreme maltreatment of a child at the hands of a parent, as detailed in Call Me Tuesday, does actually happen--something I believe everyone needs to know.

ISBN: 1463690029 EAN: 9781463690021
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform 
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: February 15, 2012

Physical Info: 0.73" H x 8.0" L x 5.25" W (0.83 lbs) 328 pages

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