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Angel Peterson

Careful Where You Set This Down: A Strategic Guide to Heal the Hoarder in You

Careful Where You Set This Down: A Strategic Guide to Heal the Hoarder in You

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Peek into the mind of a recovered hoarder through her journey from chaos to clarity and the many paths along the way. Discover some of the root causes that lead to hoarding as well as step by step instructions on clearing out the clutter. Whether you have this affliction yourself, or want to understand someone who does, this book will provide insight through a brutally honest and compassionate exploration of one woman's dragon like tendencies and her escape from a dungeon of her own making.

Author: Sharon Jensen, Angel Peterson
Publisher: Angel Peterson
Published: 11/30/2016
Pages: 230
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.65lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.51w x 0.52d
ISBN: 9780995078000

About the Author
Praise for Careful Where You Set This Down ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From hoarder to healer. Angel takes the reader through a therapeutic process that shows you how to go from chaos and clutter to clarity by improving your environment and freeing up space to live the life of your dreams. (Tamia Dow, International best selling author, speaker and coach) -------------------------------------------------- This book reaches the hearts and souls of all of us, your readers. Your words of insight and advice are like soothing medicine to a wounded heart and give hope and offer healing to injury and hurts long buried. God has sent you to me from miles away. You are a blessing I didn't even know I needed. (Jamie Lehr) -------------------------------------------------- I felt that "hamster wheel" feeling just reading what you wrote. Maybe because it evokes memories in me as well. What an awesome thing to evoke such feelings in your reader! (Anon) -------------------------------------------------- The more I read, the more I love... your insights... are wow!! (Jamie Lehr) -------------------------------------------------- This book is going to touch so many people and lead them to a wonderful place (Anon) -------------------------------------------------- It's a human story... very real... captivating and sad, but also inspirational (Heidy Panameno - Author of 40 Winks) --------------------------------------------------Powerful book that gives a glimpse into the heart and mind of a hoarder and how she overcame her affliction.This book addresses the topic in a unique humanistic way that shows the person behind the problem to give hoarders hope and answers. (Anon) -------------------------------------------------- Angel Peterson spent many years hiding behind her walls both physical and emotional until she rediscovered her self worth and embarked upon this journey of healing. It has now been years of literal clean living, having gained the tools, ambition, and belief to do whatever it takes to keep the walls down. Many self improvement courses and years of experience later, she is now a certified coach, NLP practitioner and mentor to those who wish to walk in her footsteps, as well as speaker to those who want to hear, heal and understand.

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