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David Firth Consulting LLC

Change Your World One Word At A Time: How the way we speak creates our life

Change Your World One Word At A Time: How the way we speak creates our life

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"A beautiful, poetic, forceful and, above all, useful book on the impact of words in shaping our futures. It argues for care in choosing the words (and the thoughts that precede them) so that we create what we would choose to create. I strongly recommend this book as a short but forceful course in living."

Paul Birch, Vision Juice

David Firth, having shown how adept he is in challenging thinking around work and leadership in books such as How to Make Work Fun and From Making a Living to Creating a Life, now turns his attention in this book to the subject of 'everybody's panacea for everything' - communication.

What is different about his approach to communication is that, rather than looking at impact and influence alone - the results we try our best to engineer - David shows how communication, stories, language and words are the in fact the formative building blocks of a full and creative life. Our words may impact others in the way we intend or not, but they certainly impact us first. Indeed, we literally construct our life one word at a time.This then is an innovative and thrilling approach to communication as working 'inside out.'At once thought-provoking and action-oriented, and written with great style and wit, David Firth shows how we can use language to: create purposedeclare inspiring futuresdefeat negative self-talkbuild solid and lasting relationshipseliminate - as in erase - overwhelm, overload and stress.

In Change Your World One Word at a Time, David demonstrates clear us how to shift how we see ourselves, how others see us and how futures that before seemed complicated and doubtful now show up as clear and inspiring.

FROM THE AUTHORMany of you know the story of Helen Keller, perhaps through movie The Miracle Worker. She was the child who was eventually coaxed and prodded out of the silent darkness of being deaf, dumb and blind by her guide and teacher. What happened? Did she suddenly hear? No. Did she stop being blind? No. No - but in one beautiful, astonishing moment she 'got' language. As she wrote later in her autobiography: ..."suddenly, I knew not how or where or when, my brain felt the impact of another mind, and I awoke to language, to knowledge, to love, to the usual concepts of nature, good and evil. I was actually lifted from nothingness to human life.In other words, language is first. Then all the other great stuff - knowledge, love etc - can come rushing in.That's what this book is about. How to have all the other great things rush into your life by setting up a powerful foundation of language: starting with what, why and how you choose to speak to yourself and others.

Author: David Firth
Publisher: David Firth Consulting LLC
Published: 09/05/2012
Pages: 100
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.26lbs
Size: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.24d
ISBN: 9780985494506

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