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Blacksnow Publications

Court of the Diverse Mermaids-The Covered Version: A Body Positive, Multi-Ethnic, All-Ages Coloring Book

Court of the Diverse Mermaids-The Covered Version: A Body Positive, Multi-Ethnic, All-Ages Coloring Book

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Court of the Diverse Mermaids was created in order to foster increased appreciation for ethnic diversity in fantasy and art, and even more importantly, appreciation and embrasure of the many iterations the female form can and does take throughout the course of a woman's life. The female body can come in so many different shapes and sizes, but only a narrow few are regularly celebrated in most forms of mainstream media. Herein is presented an opportunity to imagine sirens of larger, curvier dispositions: bodies with hips and stomachs and rolls as well as more muscled, toned and slender forms. They are ethnically diverse, as a great many of us have yearned to see black mermaids for quite some time, and possessed of varying hair styles as well.

This book is designed as an innocuous means of slowly, positively shifting our own self-images as well as how we view others, via the beautifully innocent and creative conduit of interacting with a coloring book. It can be a wonderful tool for subtle empowerment, relaxation, meditation, unwinding, and de-stressing. Within are 30 + wonderfully unique mermaids for your enjoyment. It's a treat for many ages and it makes a perfect gift

Author: Micah Blacklight
Publisher: Blacksnow Publications
Published: 10/25/2018
Pages: 64
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.38lbs
Size: 11.00h x 8.50w x 0.13d
ISBN: 9780578409436

About the Author
Blacklight, Micah: - Micah BlackLight can perhaps be described as a defiant, volcanic force of Nature's creation, wearing the body of a brown-skinned catalyst clad in clothing he created (literally), bursting with perpetual inspiration and enthusiasm to match. A human, alien, angel hybrid creature art-filled being, he grew up an Army brat, and that gave him depth. Growing up some more in DC gave him defiance. Pratt Institute gave him artistic fundamentals (and debt). Working at Polo gave him the conviction that he needed to work for himself in order to properly stretch the dazzling abyss he calls a mind [as well as lots of random fabric]. Going to Burning Man gave him possibility. He laughs as a means of infecting fellow citizens with spontaneous mirth, employs hugs as high-powered disarmament techniques, and is not afraid to cackle in public. He's been a full-time self-employed artist since 2010, delighting in detonating spirits by embodying evocative, safe spaces and creating beautiful, inspiring art on every level he possibly can.

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