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CYPRUS FOR TRAVELERS. The total guide: The comprehensive traveling guide for all your traveling needs. By THE TOTAL TRAVEL GUIDE COMPANY

CYPRUS FOR TRAVELERS. The total guide: The comprehensive traveling guide for all your traveling needs. By THE TOTAL TRAVEL GUIDE COMPANY

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The Best and Most Unique Cyprus Travel Guide This book is a very useful guide to travel through Cyprus, helping you discover one of the most beautiful islands of Europe. Start your reading experience by finding out the essential reasons why you should consider choosing Cyprus for your next holiday. The second chapter will present a short briefing on all the regions of Cyprus, while the third is dedicated to the local landscape and wildlife. .In the fourth chapter, you will find plenty of insider tips to make your trip even more pleasant. For the fifth chapter, you will be provided essential information on how to travel to Cyprus on a budget. You will be taught how to actually save money on your trip, while enjoying yourself to the fullest. For the next chapter, you will be provided with information on the travel basics. The seventh chapter is going to offer details on the public transportation system on the island. You will find out, for example, that the bus is the most used method of transportation by tourists and residents alike. You can then move on to the eighth chapter in which you will find ten of the best hotels and restaurants on Cyprus. The great thing is that a lot of these give you the opportunity to taste authentic Cypriot cuisine. If you like cultural events, you will surely adore the cultural opportunities that the Cyprus has to offer. You will find the rich calendar of cultural events presented in detail in the ninth chapter. And, as no journey is complete without some shopping, make sure you read the tenth chapter, dedicated to the shopping opportunities available on Cyprus. Continue reading to discover the eleventh chapter, dedicated to the traditional foods and drinks of Cyprus. Move on to the next chapter for the best itineraries on the island and do not hesitate to continue reading to discover the recommended outdoor activities on the island.The fourteenth chapter is dedicated to those who are planning on traveling with children. In the next two chapters, you will have the opportunity to read all about religious and wine tourism. Read on to discover the different tours that can be taken on Cyprus, as well as the most popular tourist attractions. Finish your reading experience with two very important chapters, one about the island's history, and the final one written in the form of a portrait. .Experience a whole new world when you come and visit Cyprus. In this total guide you will find: Areas covered: History lessons/Best museums/Surfing/Adventure land off road trips/Wildlife spotting/ Cyprus neighborhood/Medical Tourism/Learn Greek in Cyprus /Cooking and drinking/ Accommodation/Staying safe/Music/Festivities - General Information of each area - Area Transportation (how to get around i.e. car, bus, taxi, train, bicycle, etc. and how much it would cost) - Sightseeing (Best Sights to See, Off the Beaten Path) - Best shopping (where are the major shopping districts and what they are known for) - Bargain Alternatives (where the locals shop to avoid the high tourist crowds) - Things to do (recreation outdoor, indoor, events and festivals) - Local Food Specialties - Farmer's and Fish (Meat) Markets (Locations, dates and times of various markets) - Language, Political and Etiquette Considerations (What the average tourist should know and how to get along with the locals. Type of currency used and types of places that exchange currency) - Seasonal Considerations (Typical high and low temperatures, if there is a rainy season, if it snows, floods or is known for "heavy weather) - Comfort Services (Massage, hair and nail salons, spas, etc.) - Essential Services (Embassy locations, medical facilities, law enforcement, etc.) - Area specific discounts and coupons. So, download now this total guide and start traveling as you read

Author: The Total Travel Guide Company
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: 05/05/2019
Pages: 96
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.72lbs
Size: 11.02h x 8.50w x 0.25d
ISBN: 9781096984177

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