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Quaker Scribe

Disney Declassified: Tales of Real Life Disney Scandals, Sex, Accidents and Deaths

Disney Declassified: Tales of Real Life Disney Scandals, Sex, Accidents and Deaths

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Welcome to the world of Disney Declassified, a REAL look at some of the situations that play out in their theme parks, their corporate boardroom and all too often, a courtroom. Some of the situations are heartbreaking, others are head-scratching, and all of them are tales Disney would rather you not hear.

Walt Disney, the company bearing his name, and their theme parks have been analyzed and chronicled almost ad nauseam. The word Disney conjures up different feelings for different people. For many, The Walt Disney Company stands for all things wholesome, family-centric, moral and entertaining, but every now and then scandalous and salacious behavior seeps into the utopian world of Disney.

Disney Declassified isn't about the analysis of the Disney Company at a deep or philosophical level--actually, it's quite the contrary; it's a collection of true stories with Disney being the setting or the catalyst in situations that are very un-Disney-like. In some of these instances, not every Disney story ends happily ever after;

- The shocking time a baby was born and abandoned in a Magic Kingdom toilet.

- When an eight-year-old girl was randomly shot in the back while riding aboard the Disneyland Railroad.

- The controversial story of a handicapped woman having her Disneyland annual pass suspended for speeding and running into other guests with her motorized scooter.

- What do a priest accused of molesting multiple children and the founder of a Ponzi scheme have in common? They both fled their situations and went to work at Walt Disney World.

- The role a former Nazi SS member played in the construction of Walt Disney World. - Two hostage situations at Walt Disney World, with one at EPCOT tragically ending in suicide.

- How a peeping Tom set up an elaborate system to spy on female cast members as they changed for work inside of Cinderella's Castle.

- Ever hear of something called "Sphinctering?" If you were one of the unlucky guys working for the fire company on Walt Disney World property, you may have been subjected to this form of male-on-male sexual harassment.

- Find out how the public helped to identify and track down a despicable child pornographer based on the Disney resort in the background images the police released from his reprehensible videos.

The Disney docket doesn't end with cases of ride accidents, sex, crimes, death and violence. There are multiple stories of people faking cancer to score a free trip to Walt Disney World, interesting copyright infringement and Americans with Disability Act lawsuits and a touching story how a young boy with autism utilizes Disney characters to communicate with his family.

However you feel about Disney, lover or hater, explore these stories and many more, when the real world collides with Disney and their world. Chances are you may never view Disney the same way again

Author: Aaron H. Goldberg
Publisher: Quaker Scribe
Published: 07/31/2014
Pages: 228
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.68lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.48d
ISBN: 9780692256176
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