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American Psychological Association (APA)

Essentials of Thematic Analysis

Essentials of Thematic Analysis

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The brief, practical texts in the Essentials of Qualitative Methods series introduce social science and psychology researchers to key approaches to qualitative methods, offering exciting opportunities to gather in-depth qualitative data and to develop rich and useful findings.

In this book, Gareth Terry and Nikki Hayfield introduce readers to reflexive thematic analysis, a method of analyzing interview and focus group transcripts, qualitative survey responses, and other qualitative data. Central to this method is the recognition that we are all situated in a particular context, and that we see and speak from that position. This leads researchers to produce knowledge that represents situated truths, providing insights into people's perspectives on a given topic.

About the Essentials of Qualitative Methods book series: Even for experienced researchers, selecting and correctly applying the right method can be challenging. In this groundbreaking series, leading experts in qualitative methods provide clear, crisp, and comprehensive descriptions of their approach, including its methodological integrity, and its benefits and limitations. Each book includes numerous examples to enable readers to quickly and thoroughly grasp how to leverage these valuable methods.

Author: Gareth Terry, Nikki Hayfield
Publisher: American Psychological Association (APA)
Published: 07/13/2021
Pages: 108
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.39lbs
Size: 8.80h x 5.80w x 0.30d
ISBN: 9781433835575

About the Author
Gareth Terry, PhD, is a Senior Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Rehabilitation Studies at the Auckland University of Technology. He has worked as a health researcher for the last 15 years and he is interested in the intersection of gender, bodies, and health. His work is informed by his background in critical health psychology and more recently (post)critical rehabilitation studies, with his current research exploring rehabilitation, disability, and access. Dr. Terry has written a number of chapters related to qualitative methods, with Virginia Braun, Victoria Clarke, and Nikki Hayfield. He also has a growing interest in research that draws on principles and practices of co-design, and its implications for knowledge translation activity. Dr. Terry contributes to a range of projects and provides methodological support to the PCR team.

Nikki Hayfield, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology at the University of the West of England. Dr. Hayfield researches bisexualities, pansexualities, asexualities, and LGBTQ+/sexualitites more widely. She has published on a range of topics including bisexual identities, marginalization, and relationships. She also has a second strand of research exploring perimenopause and menopause. Dr. Hayfield uses qualitative methods of data collection and analysis, in particular thematic analysis, and she has written about qualitative research methods, including thematic analysis, insider/outsider research, and story completion tasks. Dr. Hayfield is a British Psychological Society (BPS) Chartered Psychologist and is currently the theme lead for the Identities, Subjectivities, and Inequalities theme- part of the Social Science Research Group.
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