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Independently Published

Family Business: Sibling Rivalries

Family Business: Sibling Rivalries

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Eddington Enterprises was founded around the time the American Civil War began. It started out making uniforms for the Yankees and has grown and prospered, now employing over five thousand people in multiple locations.Edgar, Sr., its current CEO, is old school, his wife deceased. His three children are sons Edgar, Jr., a.k.a. Junior, Ethan and daughter Elsa, all in their twenties and employed at the clothing manufacturing plant. There is a serious sibling rivalry between them, all vying for the CEO vacancy when the family patriarch retires. This is a story of fiction. Any resemblance to people or entities in the real world is a coincidence.Sexual content appropriate only for mature adults open to such things.

Excerpts: "The girls have complained to me, too. Junior is a pussy-monger. He uses his position of authority to intimidate and manipulate our female employees.""Boys will be boys, honey. As long as he's making his numbers, I don't care about that other stuff. It's the bottom line that counts.

- - -"I like married women, Anna. Want to know why? With a married woman, there is only one other man in her life, generally. With a single woman, you never know where it's been.""It, sir?"

- - -Ethan looked up, shocked to see his two siblings staring at him. On the nearby tabletop was a nude young woman bound in a contorted position, her ass pointed up in the air, her head flat on its side. He was comfortable on the sofa, busy playing a video game on his laptop.- -

-Being family has its privileges. You can also fire someone if you want something from them and they say no.""Something?""Sex, to bring you your lunch, whatever. In fact, before your last day working in my division, I want you to fire someone, so start choosing. Try it, say you're fired or I'm going to fire your ass "
"You're fired I'm going to fire your ass if you don't kiss my ass How's that?
"Good, good." He smiled with a sense of pride. His protege was learning the ropes. -

- -"You're fired "
"You'd better watch your ass when you go out to your car every night, bitch. I'm going to cut you, cut you bad "Word spread quickly as Bella departed the building in a shouting rant. Lily was indeed a bad ass.- - -

- -Smartphones. We give each employee one. With text messaging, they will be accessible 24/7. The best part is we can install our own software allowing us to not only track them with GPS, but to also listen in on them. The NSA can track you even when the phone is turned off. It's called The Find. I paid a premium for their pirated software. We'll know all their little secrets. - -

-Allison was a potential mentor in appearance, but a predator in reality. She looked like a dreamgirl who could prove to be a nightmare. The concept excited Lily, she was attracted to her in the way a moth is lured closer to the flame. It was the pheromones. The two alpha-females didn't like each other, but were inescapably attracted to one another. -

- -""Hey, Elsa, have you ever wondered about who your mom is?""Of course, but what's the point? Edgar is the only one who knew and he's not talking."
"Well, I have a suspicion. I sent a DNA sample to the lab, the same one that has yours on file from when Junior checked you out."
"What are you talking about? Whose DNA?"
"I got this envelope back today." She set it on the desk. "I haven't opened it, wanted to, but figured I'd leave that up to you.

Author: Annie Anston
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: 04/05/2019
Pages: 98
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.25lbs
Size: 7.99h x 5.00w x 0.23d
ISBN: 9781092566971

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