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Greg Lavern

Finish to the Sky Volume Three: My Ten Definitive Golf Lessons

Finish to the Sky Volume Three: My Ten Definitive Golf Lessons

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FINISH TO THE SKY Volume Three MY TEN DEFINITIVE GOLF LESSONS IN DEDICATION TO ALL THE CONFUSED GOLFERS IN THE WORLD. There are many golfers that simply need to empty their head and read this wonderful book cover to cover with a confident open mind. I can honestly say, " any dedicated golfer I teach in Canada continues to hit fairways and greens the majority of the time." I personally learned from the best ball striker in the world the incredible Moe Norman who passed away in 2004. The golf swing I was taught is timeless, " The world class instruction throughout this book might not start a golf revolution though should rescue the vulnerable confused golfer bombarded from mind boggling internet golf tips." Volume Three puts the icing on the cake for the sweetest golf shots you will ever hit with these ten lessons will magically shape your entire game. Remember Golf knowledge is real power on the golf course. This book presents My Ten Definitive Golf Lessons directly from the golf mind of Canadian Author and Master Golf Instructor, Greg Lavern. Throughout the ten lesson chapters you will consume valuable information that clearly identifies, in dedication to all the confused golfer's in the world, the very best of golf swing knowledge the average or advanced golfer will ever encounter or be introduced to. A complete instructional overview is provided from the moment you grip the golf club, with explanation on the golf swing and how to score, and further explores inner techniques of how to manage your golf game. My lesson presentation is a major source of information for the golfer who wants to hit the golf ball straight and pure. I can teach most golfers using the contents of this book to improve their golf game with my incredible insight and knowledge based on perfection learned personally from some of golf's greatest ball strikers in Canada. With numerous years of practice and playing golf with Moe Norman who many around the world consider the greatest ball striker of all time. Previous books written in the FINISH TO THE SKY series identify this wonderful experience that Lavern has captured and passed on to the golfing world, which has willingly acknowledged: FINISH TO THE SKYThe Golf Swing Moe Norman Taught Me: Golf Knowledge Was His Gift To Me. FINISH TO THE SKYThe Authentic Tournament Winning Golf Swing Of Canadian Master Ball Striker Moe Norman, I Personally Experienced.It would be fair to say that through the years of instruction under the mentorship of Moe Norman I paved my understanding of the golf swing and golf mind that was conditioned on the unknown. Other great ball strikers on occasion such as George Knudson and Al Balding, who were champions on the US PGA tour, provided some gems of golf knowledge in person while I was a dedicated student of the game. The incredible professional's I was fortunate to learn under certainly qualifies me for a general high standard of instruction with My Ten Definitive Golf Lessons (Volume Three) in the FINISH TO THE SKY series.With all the swing gimmicks, and golf instructors with plenty of their passed back-and-forth opinions from self observation, have little understanding of how the golf swing actually works which has been clearly shown from historical application. I ask these instructors of authority who they ever learned under that was a great ball striker, so useful knowledge can be passed on to the golfing community without confusion? Its unlikely the majority of golf instructors today could provide a well known name of a great player or ball striker as their mentor.My Ten Definitive Golf LessonsFINISH TO THE SKY (Volume Three) will set a general standard of published instruction, this needed to be written at sixty three years of age while I am still alive, for future generations to learn from my golf swing and ball striking experiences of enjoyment and simplification.GREG LAVERNCanadian Golf Author/Master Golf Instructor

Author: Ian MacMillan, Greg Lavern
Publisher: Greg Lavern
Published: 05/12/2018
Pages: 86
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.28lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.18d
ISBN: 9780994886170

About the Author
ABOUT THE AUTHOR For over fifty years I have been dedicated toward striking the golf ball in an attempt to become one of the most knowledgeable on the golf swing worldwide. My exclusive interaction with great Canadian ball strikers far exceeds the general instructional information passed back and forth amongst many golf instructors or golf analysts. I know how to consistently put the golf club face on the golf ball square to hit the golf ball straight. I also have the ability to pick-out the hidden things in the golf swing other golf instructors are unaware of. Unfortunately, the rightful recognition was never provided to this author/instructor in an attempt to protect some of the so called golf geniuses in the lime light that only think they know. At age sixty three I still face unwanted health issues from a severe heart attack that almost took my life in 2014. With continued exercise I hope to create some recent videos pertaining to the golf instruction displayed in the Finish to the Sky series. With credentials as a University/College graduate I have utilized my education to author golf books from my personal instructional experience. Achievement of a black belt in Chito Ryu karate in 2002 is a style that originated in Okinawa south of Japan. The martial arts have become useful for flexibility and mind control that I have incorporated into advanced instruction with relation to golf. The mind and body must work in balance and cooperation with each other. I have promoted identification of these similarities for years in order to play great golf and strike the golf ball consistently straight down the fairway on a daily basis. However, I welcome constructive criticism along with your enthusiasm or support for the only golf swing I teach. Why would I teach any other golf swing when I learned from the greatest ball striker in the world for many years? Regards, Greg Lavern Canadian Golf Author/Master Golf Instructor

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