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Fox World: 500 Miles of Walks and Talks with an Old Fox

Fox World: 500 Miles of Walks and Talks with an Old Fox

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Amid a satisfying career with one of Corporate World's largest companies, N. Oldman is stricken with acute arrhythmia and suffers four sudden cardiac arrests-essentially dying several times. As he struggles to recover from these debilitating and traumatic events, there's another world he can escape to, Fox World, a sixty-acre wilderness holdover on the outskirts of Washington, DC. There, years before, he saved a wild fox pup from starving. After weeks of medical treatment, "Old Man" takes a few healing steps into Fox World where he encounters his old friend Mr. Fox, who has not forgotten his one-time savior. Old Man sets a bold rehab goal to walk 500 miles in a year, and he's accompanied by the wild fox every step of the way. Starting in a brutally cold winter, followed by the hottest, wettest summer on record, fox and man face daunting life events and obstacles, from an attack on the fox by a coyote, to the abrupt end of the man's career, to life-threatening illness and injuries, to the looming destruction of the fox's habitat by developers. And through it all, Mr. Fox's wild perspective teaches his human friend invaluable, unforgettable lessons about healing, life balance, serenity, pursuing wonderment, bravery, mindfulness, survival, coping, dedication, partnership, and appreciation for the simplest things (e.g., a forest escape from Human World, the sun setting atop the great oaks, an owl serenade under moon beams, or a shared cup of bison and blueberry bone broth). Richly graced with gorgeous nature photos and infused with insights that can only be imparted by those who have come to genuinely appreciate life, Fox World is an exhilarating walk in the woods that you'll never forget.

Author: Jack Russell
Publisher: FriesenPress
Published: 10/13/2021
Pages: 342
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.01lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.71d
ISBN: 9781039114463

About the Author
Russell, Jack: - Jack Russell traveled North America and Europe for three decades to assist Fortune 1000 companies with developing distribution channels, new products, and start-ups. He studied economics at Virginia Commonwealth University, and later completed executive programs at The Wharton School and Georgetown University. Jack lives in Lake Frederick, Virginia with his wife, Susan, and their two Jack Russell terriers. As well as fighting for Mr. Fox's forest to be declared a nature preserve, Susan and Jack enjoy giving freedom rides to shelter dogs and assisting with their medical bills. Jack is an amateur photographer, an ever-learning birdwatcher, a football fan when Green Bay is on television and an enthusiastic golfer of diminishing skills.

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