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Ohm Publishing

Gnosis and The Tarot

Gnosis and The Tarot

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Gnosis and The Tarot - A Key to the Gnostic Path of Tarot by Melvin Harris Gnosis and The Tarot is a book for all who are truly interested in exploring the rivers of the soul as depicted in the ancient wisdom of the Tarot. The Rose Light Method is an original divination method, a completely new issue, garnered from not only the author's 55 years of experience working with Tarot, but also from the wisdom gleaned from his vast karmic treasure. This method as it is presented to the reader, provides a valid tool for both the advanced user of Tarot as well as the beginner. The Rose Light Oracle offers invaluable aid for the sincere seeker after Truth in the work of personality transmutation enabling him or her to become a living channel for the transmission of real guidance from within, whatever we wish to call it -- the Higher Self -- the Inner tribunal -- the Primal Will-to-Good -- or simply, the conscience. Rose Light divination is based on the Teachings of the Western Mystery Tradition as contained in the Holy Qabalah, Sacred Tarot and the Gnosis. The instruction offered herein opens one to guidance based on Divine Law which in turn leads to Self-knowledge -- to Gnosis -- and divination, based on Divine Law, is an Art that assists the individual in making contact with and coming into an awareness of this inner guidance, thus leading one to profound insight into one's own circumstances and experiences in life.

Author: Melvin Harris
Publisher: Ohm Publishing
Published: 10/11/2016
Pages: 172
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.70lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.47d
ISBN: 9780971046986
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