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Paulist Press

God's Invitation

God's Invitation

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"This is a book about God: the God I know, the God whom Israel knew, the God who longs to be known ever more deeply." Thomas Flowers makes the startling claim that impiety, rather than piety, seems to be necessary if we are to be in a deep relationship with the Lord. People in the Old Testament "do not simply pray... they talk with God, and even talk back to God." Each chapter of God's Invitation is based around one of the great covenants God made with the people of Israel--covenants that were no mere legal documents but promises steeped in God's love for his people. The meditations within the chapter are each followed by a verse reflection inviting you to consider your own relationship with the Lord. In his searingly honest narrative, the author describes the deepening of his own relationship with God; and yet, what for many writers would simply remain at the level of spiritual autobiography becomes at Flowers' hands a mirror held up to your face--and what you see there is not only your own reflection but also that of God, holding you, challenging you, at times even laughing with you. +

Author: Thomas Flowers
Publisher: Paulist Press
Published: 05/02/2011
Pages: 128
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.35lbs
Size: 7.96h x 5.45w x 0.37d
ISBN: 9780809147120

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