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Pen and Sword Maritime

HMS London: From Fighting Sail to the Arctic Convoys & Tomorrow's Wars

HMS London: From Fighting Sail to the Arctic Convoys & Tomorrow's Wars

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Warships named HMS London have been associated with some of the most controversial episodes in British naval history, from the bungled sea battle that lost King George III his American colonies, to the shambles of Gallipoli in WW1, and the notorious decision by the Admiralty to abandon convoy PQ17 in WW2.

The WW2 cruiser HMS London was also tasked with hunting down the German battleship Bismarck's supply ships, using information provided by Bletchley Park after it cracked Enigma. Post-WW2, the same HMS London made a brave attempt to rescue HMS Amethyst during the famous Yangtse Incident. The last HMS London, a Type 22 frigate, was flagship of the British fleet's task group in the Gulf War of 1991.

Iain Ballantyne's fascinating and lively account of the lives of British warships named London is illustrated throughout with photographs, many of them never published before. London looks at history from the perspective of the men who were there and among the people Iain has interviewed are veterans of the grim Arctic convoys of WW2, the Yangtse Incident, and warriors of the Cold War and Gulf War. It all adds up to a thoroughly researched and exciting narrative of naval history.

Author: Iain Ballantyne
Publisher: Pen and Sword Maritime
Published: 03/31/2022
Pages: 240
Binding Type: Paperback
ISBN: 9781399012867

About the Author
Ballantyne, Iain: - Iain Ballantyne has been on both ends of a submarine attack. At the close of the Cold War he was aboard a warship forced to take evasive action in the Barents Sea when a Russian submarine launched a torpedo. He has also sailed under the waves aboard a nuclear-powered attack submarine, at one stage using the periscope to view potential targets during a combat exercise. A one-time London-based defence and diplomatic correspondent for a national news agency, Iain has contributed to coverage of naval and military issues in the SUNDAY TELEGRAPH, SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY, MAXIM and FOCUS as well as prestigious publications published on behalf of NATO and the Royal Navy. http: //

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