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Strange Animal Publications

How to Think Like a Gnostic: Essays on a Gnostic Worldview

How to Think Like a Gnostic: Essays on a Gnostic Worldview

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Everything you ever wanted to know about gnosis, but were afraid to ask In How to Think Like a Gnostic, Jeremy Puma builds upon his previous work in Gnostic philosophy, approaching it as a functional worldview for a solitary practitioner. Breaking down the Gnostic myth to its basic components, Puma clarifies the often inscrutable aspects of Gnostic thought without talking down to the reader or oversimplifying the material. Accessible, interesting, and often humorous, How to Think Like a Gnostic is a must for the library of anyone interested in the Gnostic Way. "How To Think Like a Gnostic explores a genuinely Sethian Gnostic path with plenty of perceptive insights and new perspectives." - Andrew Phillip Smith, author of A Dictionary of Gnosticism

Author: Jeremy Puma
Publisher: Strange Animal Publications
Published: 06/09/2013
Pages: 270
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.59lbs
Size: 7.99h x 5.00w x 0.57d
ISBN: 9780615823324

About the Author
Jeremy Puma was born on the dark side of Saturn's moon Io, in a shack made of pewter. At the age of eight, he received a vision of the failure of the Mayan Apocalypse and the emergence of a new world religion based on Manchego cheese. After a dubious exploration of various mysterious undersea realms and a battle with Triton, Lord of the Sunken Cities of Varula, he emerged victorious into a world that he never made. Jeremy Puma writes nonfiction for people interested in no-nonsense Gnostic spirituality, and fiction of the 'science' and 'weird' varieties. He is the founder-- and only current employee-- of Strange Animal Publications. His literary influences include Philip K. Dick, Julio Cortazar, Kenneth Patchen, Douglas Adams (and their ilk-- isn't "ilk" a great word?). Jeremy currently resides in Seattle, Washington. He has a beautiful wife, whom he adores, a giggly little son, and two insane dogs. He is available for speaking engagements, complimentary meals, and children's parties.

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