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Writers on the Move Publishing

How To Write A Children's Fiction Book

How To Write A Children's Fiction Book

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Learn to write your own children's book with How To Write A Children's Fiction Book

Is one of your dreams to write for children? Or, maybe you've already started, but are finding it more difficult than you thought.

When you think of writing for children, what do you think of?

Do you want to enlighten a child? Do you want to scare a child? Do you want to provide a child with a life lesson? Do you want to make a child laugh? Do you want to bring the child through a suspenseful mystery or bring the child on a fantastic journey, broadening his imagination?

Are you thinking of writing a picture book? Or, maybe you'd like to write a chapter, middle grade, or young adult book.

Whatever children's genre you're interested in, How To Write A Children's Fiction Book will show you how to actually write for children. Section titles include: Grabbing Your Reader's Attention; Building Your Character and Dialogue; Story Fundamentals and Strengthening the Middle; and Creating a Sound Ending. The first section includes children's books genre differences and how to find story ideas.

This book also includes tips on revisions and editing, finding a publisher (if you're going the traditional route), and book marketing tips.

And, there are lots and lots of examples and resources. Along with this, each section has a DIY assignment to help you get started and bring your story to life.

Being a writer, like being any kind of artist who creates something from nothing, is an amazing ability. It's almost like magic. And, you are in control. You decide what to create. The only limit you have is the cap on your imagination.

This 220+ page book by award-winning children's author and children's ghostwriter Karen Cioffi is actually a 'course in a book'. It gives you all the basics of writing fiction for children, finding a publisher or agent, and marketing books. And, each section has a DIY assignment.

How To Write A Children's Fiction Book discusses everything related to writing fiction for children. It's a detailed 'writing, publishing, and book marketing' map from Point A to Point Z.

Along with her own published books, Karen Cioffi has over 200 ghostwriting clients world-wide, which include parents, teachers, therapists, and child psychologists. She also has return clients and series clients. She can show you how to write your story right.

Author: Karen Cioffi
Publisher: Writers on the Move Publishing
Published: 05/23/2020
Pages: 262
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.78lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.55d
ISBN: 9780999294918

About the Author
Cioffi, Karen: - Karen Cioffi is an award-winning children's author and working children's ghostwriter with clients all over the world. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Writers on the Move as well as a former staff writer for two online children's reading comprehension sites. In addition, Karen is an author online platform instructor with WOW! Women on Writing.

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