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Thomas Watergreen

Hydroponics DIY, Aquaponics DIY, Greenhouse Gardening: 4 Books In 1 -The Complete Beginners Guide to Grow Healthy Organic Fruits and Vegetables All Ye

Hydroponics DIY, Aquaponics DIY, Greenhouse Gardening: 4 Books In 1 -The Complete Beginners Guide to Grow Healthy Organic Fruits and Vegetables All Ye

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Bad weather can dramatically slow down the growth of plants, reducing their overall productivity in the process. In some cases, extreme weather conditions can cause the outright death of plants.

One of the best solutions developed to protect plants from the ravages of extreme weather is GREENHOUSE GARDENING. These buildings are made not just to give shelter to plants from severe weather. It can also serve as a device to create optimal conditions needed to grow healthy organic plants.

The book contains an extensive guide for Beginners, to start building your Greenhouse Garden among many other tips and tricks to enjoy your Organic fruits, vegetables and plants.

The Book Green House Gardening for Beginners will inform you about:

- Planning for a Greenhouse

- Portable Greenhouses

- Heating your Greenhouse

- Pest and Disease Management

- Irrigation of the Greenhouse

- Greenhouse Hacks

The Book Hydroponics will inform you about-

- Different Types of Hydroponic Gardens and How to Choose The Best for us

- Choosing The Best Lighting Medium for Your Hydroponic Plants

- Pest and Diseases Control

- Nutrients during Seeding and the Cloning Procedure

- Macronutrients and Micronutrients

- Equipment Needed

- Starting Your Seeds

- Germinating Seeds and Transplanting the Seedling

The Book Hydroponics DIY will inform you about:

- Build Your Own Hydroponic System

- How to Maintain a Hydroponic System

- How to choose the Right Hydroponic System

- Types of Hydroponic Systems

- The layout of a Hydroponic Structure

- Planting in Containers

- Hydroponics Nutrient Guide

The Book Aquaponics DIY will inform you about:

- What Is Aquaponics?

- Difference with Hydroponics

- Types of Aquaponics systems

- Establishment of the hydroponics system

- Interesting facts about Aquaponics

- Best fish for Aquaponics

With respect to planting with or without soil, whether for business or for personal consumption, this book holds in it all the details you need. You'll be sure to get the absolute knowledge once you choose to click and buy this comprehensive book.

Author: Thomas Watergreen
Publisher: Thomas Watergreen
Published: 10/22/2020
Pages: 554
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.61lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 1.12d
ISBN: 9789564023571

About the Author
Watergreen, Thomas: - Thomas Watergreen is a 44-year-old farm owner who enjoys meditation, competitive dog grooming and going to the movies. He is energetic and brave, but can also be a bit impatient. He is English who defines himself as an expat. He has a post-graduate degree in Plant Biotechnology and Seed Science and Technology. He is a great fan of Olaf Palme and Greta Thunberg which explains is obsession with Sweden. His father died when he was young and he was raised by his mother. He is currently divorced. His latest wife was a novelist called Summer Tallulah Bell, who was the same age as him. They broke up because Summer wanted to be with somebody more vibrant. Thomas has a gift from God which is the ability of growing perfect specimen of plant or flowers, he has this vision which enables him to produce the best for professionl exibitions like the Chelsea flower show in London UK.

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