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Independently Published

I Can Enter Your Life if You Let Me: Spiritual Reflections

I Can Enter Your Life if You Let Me: Spiritual Reflections

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While attending and presenting a religious couples' weekend, I took some time to write a letter to my spouse. While writing that letter, I suddenly wrote the words "I can enter your life if you let me" in the notebook I was using. I was surprised and deeply shaken as soon as I wrote them, because I knew they were not a part of my letter to my spouse but were words that God was communicating directly to me. At the same time, I felt an overwhelming feeling of peacefulness as I had never experienced before.

When we returned home, I was able to continue writing reflections of a spiritual nature anytime I quieted myself, prayed, picked up a notebook, took pen in hand, and started to write. When I would write, it seemed that the words would flow out at about five times the speed I would usually write. I did not have to even think about what came out of my mind. The words just flowed out. At a later date, I clearly heard the words spoken to me: "You will write a book, and it will be read by many."

The writings within this book are a result of these efforts over the next several years. I believe this is from God because when you encounter a deep sense of peacefulness, you just know it is bestowed from above and not of this world. My hope is that these writings will be well received by many and that its inspirations will create many positive benefits.

This book contains 103 short inspirational reflections, prayers and communications from God. Each reflection is written either from the perspective of God speaking to you, or you speaking to God. They have the goal of drawing you deeper into prayer and into a personal conversation with our glorious God. The reflections cover the following general topics: prayer, trust, faith, hope love, blessings, guidance, giving, change, wisdom, protection, suffering, peace, surrender, comfort.Here is a sample of the first reflection in this book:

Your difficulties will pass.
Your troubles will vanish.
Your confusion will diminish.
Your hope will grow.
Your heart will be filled with holiness, as you place your life into My hands.

Do not let fears prevent your surrender.
Do not let anxiousness distract you from Me.
Do not let selfishness mislead you.

I AM the goal you search for and desire.
I AM the force you crave and seek.
I AM the ending you wish for.

Let yourself go and surrender your life to Me.
Push aside what restricts and misguides you and join Me.
Let Me lift you into the zones of My lands.
My house awaits your entry.
My servants have prepared your room.
Your name has been listed with those from other times.
Your place with Me awaits you.

Let your expectations be lifted and trust in My Word, as you belong to My land.
Look forward to this event and live each day, knowing your place with Me awaits you.

Author: Robert Raymund
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: 04/29/2019
Pages: 132
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.30lbs
Size: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.28d
ISBN: 9781094864211

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