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Oshri Hakak

Illustrated Lessons of Oboe, Music, and Life From Joe Robinson

Illustrated Lessons of Oboe, Music, and Life From Joe Robinson

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It was the end of a long and beautiful summer of traveling. The friendly dog, quiet house, and calm suburb of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, provided the perfect space for much needed quiet contemplation. I was house-and-dog-sitting for Joe Robinson, former Principal Oboist of the New York Philharmonic, and my oboe teacher for four years as an undergrad at Duke. He has also been an inspirational mentor, parental figure, and life guide.

Sneaking into his vacant home studio and sitting in the chair by his own, where I had always sat while he made reeds, taught music, and shared stories about his life and career, I remembered his open generosity and willingness to pass down everything he could-- always crediting his own esteemed teachers. Life's path during and since then has taken me through work in behavioral neuroscience (studying time perception and prenatal nutrient supplementation), organizational psychology (for a small management consulting firm), international development (collecting textbooks, making mead, beekeeping), sales (for my brother-in-law's locksmith company), tutoring (most subjects K-8), teaching (social entrepreneurship, conflict mediation, business management), facilitating for Israeli-Palestinian dialogue forums, and performing on the oboe in Kirtan music for Kundalini Yoga classes.

Now working as an artist, musician, and teacher, I see how Joe's lessons have helped me move throughout all of these stages (I am still involved in many of them), and how they have continually helped lead me towards more purpose, fulfillment, and happiness. He has been not just a great oboe teacher but a great life teacher. Sitting in his studio with my art supplies, I closed my eyes and remembered myself as a college student postured just as I was then, eagerly listening to soak up the wisdom of this man who brought his oboe playing from the Lenoir, NC, High School Band to the New York Philharmonic. The lessons flooded back to me over the days I spent in the peaceful home in Chapel Hill-- lessons about how to play the oboe, how to create music, and how to live life.

Author: Oshri L. Hakak
Publisher: Oshri Hakak
Published: 05/09/2017
Pages: 84
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.24lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.17d
ISBN: 9780692890714

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