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Abed Peerally

In Search of Consciousness and the Theory of Everything: Towards the Final Answers to the Mystery of Existence

In Search of Consciousness and the Theory of Everything: Towards the Final Answers to the Mystery of Existence

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Without the slightest doubt, the greatest mystery around our universe is two-fold: How did the universe come into existence, and whether a Supernatural Mind or God was necessary for the origin of the universe and of our realities of existence? Abed Peerally's books not only review historically how humans have been searching for their ultimate cosmological explanation of existence since millennia, but will clearly explain to the whole of humanity, not just scientists, how the Supernatural Mind or God went about to produce all our realities. To date, in spite of the enormous contributions by several generations of top physicists and philosophers towards elucidating how the universe originated scientifically,

we do not know what kind of thing the universe really is, how our realities of life were conceived, and whether there is really a Super-intellect or God behind all of existence. The total status quo around the ultimate nature of our realities of existence, since millennia, has been a source of huge frustration and confusion, leading several groups of philosophers and cosmologists, during the last few decades, to search for alternative concepts surrounding the issue of the origin of universes and of our realities, attempts usually based on philosophy or mathematical models. Our current period of existence, in the second decade of the 21st century happens, intriguingly, to be the precise moment nature has decided, in a manner of speaking, to reveal the secrets of the supernatural origin of our universe and of humanity.

The totality of this extraordinary narrative will be philosophically and scientifically unveiled in Abed Peerally's books: the present one, "In Search of, Consciousness and the Origin of our Universe," comprehensively exposes the historical, philosophical and scientific background about our universe, cosmologically, to enable educated readers to acquaint themselves with the intricate philosophical, scientific and intellectual mysteries behind existence, due to which, unfortunately, it has not been possible for humanity, up to now, to elucidate the actual scientific and metaphysical manner our universe was brought into existence. This first book is indispensable for our men and women, around the world, whatever be their religious belief, to understand for themselves that there has to exist within our intellectual possibilities, the ultimate concept of the origin of our universe based on a scientific Theory of Everything, and of a Supernatural Creator on the basis of an Ultimate Philosophy of Everything. Historically, it was predicted by Kepler and William Whewell, that humans possess God-given intuition and intellectual perspicacity capable of leading, in due course, to the discovery of the extraordinary supernatural divine mechanism, which the Super-intellect behind our existence, masterminded to put up the universe and us in it. There are convincing reasons that drive us to believe that the ubiquitous sensation of consciousness, associated with every phenomenon, in existence, derives from the creation process of the origin of our universe.

The writings of Abed Peerally show that humans have been created in God's image and therefore they have a metaphysical nature, that can somehow even exist in the eternity of a transcendent after life.

Author: Abed Peerally
Publisher: Abed Peerally
Published: 10/13/2017
Pages: 476
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.39lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.96d
ISBN: 9780995174955

About the Author
Peerally, Abed: - Abed Peerally, with his background in biology and cosmology, is the only scientist to have integrated Einstein's special and general relativity theories, two of the most famous laws of nature, into a universal law of relativistic effects important in satellite technology. His publications include the role of Einstein's relativity and of quantum theory, philosophy and religion with respect to the scientific origin of the universe. He was a Fulbright Senior Fellow in the USA, a DAAD Senior Fellow in Germany and an ACU Senior Fellow for his PhD degree in the UK. He is a Fellow of the World Academy of Science since 1990, and of the African Academy of Science since 1992 and served as its Vice President for two terms. He was Dean of Faculty, Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University and Chairman of the Road Development Authority in Mauritius (2007-2012), and from 1994-1998, Vice President of the International Mycological Association.

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