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Bacchanalia House

Inking the Wolf

Inking the Wolf

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My best friend's a shapeshifter, and now we're getting married. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

When my Grandmother June died, I couldn't care less. That vicious old hag hated everything about me - from my blue hair and job as a tattoo artist to the fact that I have no desire to give up my playgirl ways.

Now I learn she's left me her home, Primrose House - a beautiful Victorian gothic mansion with a turret and a secret passage. The only problem? In order to officially take up residence at the house, I have to be married.

Enter Robbie, my gorgeous best friend and a wolf shifter without a home. We're getting fake-married, and he's moving into Primrose House with me to convince my parents that we're for real.

Robbie gets a free place to live, I get to keep Primrose House - everything's perfect.

Except ... when we kissed at the altar of our fake-wedding, something happened. To say "sparks flew" would be the understatement of the century.

That kiss didn't just spark, it set off an inferno.

I can't stop thinking about Robbie. How come I'd never noticed how hot he was? - those soulful eyes, that Scottish accent and hot shifter body ...

But he's my best friend and my fake-husband. If I mess this up, I'll lose both Robbie and Primrose House.

I just have to control myself. I just have to resist to urge to repeat that kiss.

It can't be that hard to avoid falling into bed with your best friend, right?


Inking the Wolf is the third book in the Wolves of Crookshollow series by USA Today bestselling author Steffanie Holmes. It's a standalone book with a HEA, where a party girl and a down-on-his-luck shifter find more than they bargained for in this fresh take on a 'marriage of convenience'. If you like your paranormal romance with a touch of the gothic, this book will have you howling for more.

Author: Steffanie Holmes
Publisher: Bacchanalia House
Published: 04/15/2019
Pages: 326
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.82lbs
Size: 8.00h x 5.25w x 0.73d
ISBN: 9780995122284

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