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Cambridge University Press

Investigating Pristine Inner Experience

Investigating Pristine Inner Experience

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You live your entire waking life immersed in your inner experiences (thoughts, feelings, sensations, etc.) - private phenomena created by you, just for you, your own way. Despite their intimacy and ubiquity, you probably don't know the characteristics of your own inner phenomena; neither does psychology or consciousness science. Investigating Pristine Inner Experience explores how to apprehend inner experience in high fidelity. This book will transform your view of your own inner experience, awaken you to experiential differences between people, and thereby reframe your thinking about psychology and consciousness science, which banned the study of inner experience for most of a century and yet continued to recognize its fundamental importance. The author, a pioneer in using beepers to explore inner experience, draws on his 35 years of studies to provide fascinating and provocative views of everyday inner experience and experience in bulimia, adolescence, the elderly, schizophrenia, Tourette's syndrome, virtuosity, and so on.

Author: Russell T. Hurlburt
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Published: 08/25/2011
Pages: 472
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.45lbs
Size: 8.90h x 6.00w x 1.00d
ISBN: 9780521279123

About the Author
Hurlburt, Russell T.: - Russell T. Hurlburt pioneered the investigation of inner experience (thoughts, feelings and so on), inventing (in 1973) the beepers that launched 'thought sampling', the attempt to measure characteristics of inner experience. Despite the sophistication of his thought-sampling measurements, Hurlburt concluded, by about 1980, that science needs a better understanding of inner phenomena themselves. Therefore he developed Descriptive Experience Sampling (DES), the attempt to apprehend inner experience in high fidelity. That has led to four books: Sampling Normal and Schizophrenic Inner Experience (1990), Sampling Inner Experience in Disturbed Affect (1993), Exploring Inner Experience (with Chris Heavey, 2006) and Describing Inner Experience: Proponent Meets Skeptic (with Eric Schwitzgebel, 2007). A special issue of the Journal of Consciousness Studies (January 2010) was devoted to DES. Hurlburt is Professor of Psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and is also the author of a highly regarded statistics textbook, Comprehending Behavioral Statistics (fourth edition, 2006).

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