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St Shenouda Press

Job for Teens

Job for Teens

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The book of Job is regarded as one of the wisdom books found in the Old Testament, fit for all times and all people. It speaks of the sufferings of a blessed man by the name of Job who has to deal with many tribulations as well as the accusations of his friends. In all this, Job maintains his love for God even though he loses patience with his sufferings and challenges the command of God towards the end of the book.

It can be a very confusing book due to the many different characters and the excessive dialogue but the message is still made very clear and the book is very easily relatable to as a result. In these final chapters the Lord, who had been silent throughout the trials of Job previously, speaks up and questions Job regarding the secrets of the universe to which Job has no response.

God, in the midst of Job's anguish, revealed Himself to him to show that He is the one in charge and Job, being the weak human that he is, will not understand why God is dealing with him in this way. In this manner, Job is a character that we can very easily relate to as we learn how to deal with pain and misery in the world while we continue in our spiritual struggle and trying to keep faith in God.

At times when it feels like we've hit rock bottom it may be hard to see God working in our lives but as we learn through the life of Job, it's the times that are darkest when God chooses to reveal His light.

Author: Marc Bastwarous
Publisher: St Shenouda Press
Published: 05/31/2019
Pages: 204
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.67lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.47d
ISBN: 9780648281467
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