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Christopher Ebbe, PH.D.

Live Wisely, Deeply, and Compassionately

Live Wisely, Deeply, and Compassionately

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This book creates a compelling picture of an approach to living that promotes happiness, acceptance, peace, and cooperation among people across the globe, independent of culture and religious faith. This approach incorporates everything Dr. Ebbe has learned about people in his forty-year psychology career and his near eighty years of living. Clear principles tell you what is needed to improve your life along these lines, in the major areas of your relations with reality, with yourself, with others, and with your emotions. These principles can enable you to seek wisdom, find the truth, have good self-esteem, and have positive relations with others. You will learn how to live a moral and ethical life in any society. Actual, concrete behaviors and skills that are needed to accomplish these changes and achieve these goals are also presented, so you know precisely what you need to do. Also described are how to apply these principles in making good decisions, raising healthy children, managing your emotions, discerning truth, telling right from wrong, and finding meaning, contentment, and fulfilment in life)!

Author: Christopher Earl Ebbe
Publisher: Christopher Ebbe, PH.D.
Published: 05/17/2023
Pages: 528
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.54lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 1.06d
ISBN: 9780578263496
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