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Independently Published

Manifesting Elfin: Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path, Volume 2

Manifesting Elfin: Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path, Volume 2

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In MANIFESTING ELFIN, the Silver Elves continue with a volume 2 of their question and answer series addressing the numerous questions about who the elves are and about the elven way that have been posed to them throughout their 40+ years of following the elven spiritual path and sharing with the world that they are elves in spirit incarnated in human bodies (also see THE MAGICAL REALMS OF ELFIN, volume 1). In Manifesting Elfin, they explore further questions about elven tribes and relations; elven magic and healing; modern elven life; elven awakening and entering Elfin; the Shining Ones, past lives, and elven spiritual development; elves and gender; and some interesting elven perspectives. Some of the specific questions answered in Manifesting Elfin are: Did all elves come from the stars? What will elves be like in the future? What effect do our magical body parts (wings, elf ears, tails, scales etc.) in etheric form have upon otherkin? What do elves see as the difference between spirit and soul? Can we become elves? What is the difference between the Elven Way and the Fairy Faith? Who are the Shining Ones and how do we communicate with them? How do you tell your family or friends that you're an elfae without them getting upset? How often do elves do magic? What are the secrets of the elves? What's the difference between Seelie and Unseelie Fae? What's the difference between Unseelie Elves and Dark Elves? Can an elf have a soul mate who is human? How do you gently awaken a sleeping elf kin? If I feel that I'm some sort of Elfae/Otherkin but don't know what kind, what should I do? How do elves deal with our homesickness for Elfin? What is the best way for elfae to deal with the shadow s'elf, your wild side? How do elves raise children? Are elfae human? Are all otherkin fae? Who were the Elf Queen's Daughters? And, What is Paltareon, the far memory of the Elves? Most often, a person has questions as one tries: to decide if one is ones'elf an elf or is some otherkin; to understand what it means to be an elf and how one might know of one's elfin nature; to understand one's experience of having an Elven Awakening; to determine how elven magic is alike or different from that performed by other spiritual groups; to understand the keys to elven magic and enchantment; to explore more about being an elf in a human body and how this is possible; and to learn about how elves live and relate to mankind and otherkin. So if you are curious about modern elves, particularly about The Silver Elves and their philosophy and magick, then you will surely find many of your questions answered in both the first volume, The Magical Realms of Elfin, and also many more in this volume two, Manifesting Elfin.

Author: The Silver Elves
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: 05/17/2019
Pages: 276
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.71lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.58d
ISBN: 9781098777432

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