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Mary's Mommy is a Lawyer.: What's a Lawyer?

Mary's Mommy is a Lawyer.: What's a Lawyer?

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Mary's Mommy is a Lawyer. What's a Lawyer? is a chapter book encouraging young girls to study law. Notice, I said "study law", not "become a lawyer". That too. But law is wonderful training for many different careers and fields of interest:

1. Would you like to be like Hillary Clinton? Of the 535 members of Congress, 315 are lawyers or have legal training.

2. Do you like to entertain people? Law is an excellent background for those who like show business or public speaking. As my evidence professor at UCLA said, "Never forget, a trial is a show!" Trials are what lawyers ("trial attorneys") do.

3. Do you like business? Do you like to argue? Write? Play with words? Solve puzzles? Law is an excellent background for people who like business, or who like to debate, write, play with words, or solve problems.

About the Author

Leatrice practices business law. For her, law is the best background for minding other people's business. She gets to help people. And their businesses are interesting. Primarily interested in helping people, Leatrice writes books about approaches to life and law that are not conventional - such as positive motivation and energy healing. It's why she helps people with "See Movement", a technique she established in 2006 with www. "See" stands for "Successful Energy Empowerment". Check out "Testimonials" to see evidence of her "successes". Leatrice's other Books are:

1. "Divorce with a Pen, Not a Sword: A Practical Business Approach to Divorce".

2. "The 'Source' of Relationships: The Key to Having Relationships that Exceed Your Expectations with Lovers, Partners, Associates, Friends, and Even Enemies".

3. "The 'Source' of Relationships for Young People: How to handle Your Parents".

These Books are available on Amazon or

Author: Leatrice Lynne Latts Jd Cpa
Publisher: See Movement
Published: 02/28/2018
Pages: 56
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.17lbs
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.12d
ISBN: 9780996539876

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