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MEXICO CITY FOR TRAVELERS. The total guide: The comprehensive traveling guide for all your traveling needs. By THE TOTAL TRAVEL GUIDE COMPANY

MEXICO CITY FOR TRAVELERS. The total guide: The comprehensive traveling guide for all your traveling needs. By THE TOTAL TRAVEL GUIDE COMPANY

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The Best and Most Unique Mexico City Travel Guide You don't have time to be bored in Mexico City. There is a rich history, lots of art and culture, city life, pedestrians, millions of honking cars that culminate with bloody rush hour traffic. The nightlife is directly proportionate with the size of the city. There is literally something for everybody and every budget: fancy clubs, fervent discos, gay friendly bars, different music genres and lots of live music. And the cuisine... Mexico City is becoming a foodie's paradise, ranging from mouth-watering food stalls that cost next to nothing to extremely upscale restaurants that have more Michelin stars that the city has inhabitants. Okay, that was an exaggeration but you can get the picture. Mexico City is everything: diverse, chaotic, liberal, polite, sometimes dangerous, filled with art and opportunity and much, much more. Oh, and did I mention we have the best weather in the world? We get spring weather year round with almost zero humidity, so don't worry about which time is the perfect time to visit. The answer is any. Mexico City is a multicultural land and also the most progressive city in Latin America. Same sex marriage was legalized in 2009 and prostitution ensued soon after. Crime is not quite as high as expected, as long as you will follow the safety guide from Chapter 11 and tourists don't usually get kidnapped, contrary to popular belief in the western societies. With all this in mind, be prepared for some world-class tourism, while experiencing the authentic culture of being in this colorful city. Let this book guide you to the many places that you must see in Mexico City to make this trip a life changing event. This book is filled with suggested places to stay, from budget to luxurious, places to visit, local cuisines to try, and places to shop. All these suggested itineraries have been experienced first-hand and are all highly recommended to tourists. Experience a whole new world when you come and visit Mexico City. In this total guide you will find: - Areas covered: History lessons/Best museums/Surfing/Adventure land off road trips/Wildlife spotting/ Mexico City neighborhood/Medical Tourism/Learn Spanish in Mexico City /Cooking and drinking/ Accommodation/Staying safe/Music/Festivities - General Information of each area - Area Transportation (how to get around i.e. car, bus, taxi, train, bicycle, etc. and how much it would cost) - Sightseeing (Best Sights to See, Off the Beaten Path) - Best shopping (where are the major shopping districts and what they are known for) - Bargain Alternatives (where the locals shop to avoid the high tourist crowds) - Things to do (recreation outdoor, indoor, events and festivals) - Local Food Specialties - Farmer's and Fish (Meat) Markets (Locations, dates and times of various markets) - Language, Political and Etiquette Considerations (What the average tourist should know and how to get along with the locals. Type of currency used and types of places that exchange currency) - Seasonal Considerations (Typical high and low temperatures, if there is a rainy season, if it snows, floods or is known for "heavy weather) - Comfort Services (Massage, hair and nail salons, spas, etc.) - Essential Services (Embassy locations, medical facilities, law enforcement, etc.) - Area specific discounts and coupons. So, download now this total guide and start traveling as you read TAGSMexico City travel, Mexico City vacations, Mexico City all inclusive, Mexico City tours, Mexico City tourism, Mexico City vacation packages, visit Mexico City, trips to Mexico City, Mexico City all inclusive resorts, Mexico City resorts, Mexico City travel guide, Mexico City packages, tours Mexico City, Mexico City excursions, where to go in Mexico City, Mexico City travel packages, Mexico City all inclusive vacations, Mexico City destinations

Author: The Total Travel Guide Company
Publisher: Independently Published
Published: 04/05/2019
Pages: 60
Binding Type: Paperback
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ISBN: 9781092858861

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