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Twelve Twelve Publishing, LLC

Michael's Sword & You: With Archangel Michael

Michael's Sword & You: With Archangel Michael

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WINNER of the 2018 BODY MIND SPIRIT BOOK AWARD in the Channeling Category!

(5 Star book under attack! Please see actual reviews)

Archangel Michael is inviting you, Lightbearer, to pick up his sword and help him transform all of life on Earth... a call like none other!

Do you see that with your intention to be an active force of Light, to carry my sword into your daily life, you will create change that cannot happen without you? Does this sound too grandiose or too much to take in? Do you feel up to heeding this call? I tell you that there is no greater or more significant work you can do for yourself, your fellow beings, or the Earth than to carry and raise my sword at this time. For the time is ripe for this work and it will illuminate your Earth. It will bring forth Light, truth, and protection into the darkest recesses of your inner and outer lives.
Archangel Michael through Mary Soliel

The Heavens can interfere only so much due to our free will, and the time is most ripe for us to take a much more active role in bringing Light to this world, with Archangel Michael by our side. Do you see that together, working with the Heavens, we can make true and rapid change occur? The extreme darkness has gotten way out of balance, and we are being called to work with Michael and his sword to help shift this, and now.

This book will give you clear and simple directions on how to use Michael's sword. You can use it daily for your personal life and to help reverse the chaos on our planet. This book is filled with raw truths. It is also beaming with amazing stories and miracles as Mary describes the magical way this work and mission came into being.

From Archangel Michael in Michael's Sword & You:

I AM Archangel Michael... consciously align yourself with me, dear soul. For I am here for you and you are here for me. And together, we will make a difference in the world. Together, we will help and heal your world, and create the new template for your new Earth.

The Earth and its occupants are at a point where Light must be spread and darkness yield to its power and hold, for the mayhem must stop! If by now you don't know what is really going on, the raping and pillaging of life, in nearly every area and aspect of life, you need to know now. If you agree to be a Warrior of Light you also need to know what is really occurring behind the scenes. We see all and we tell you that despite various deceptive teachings, action is needed on this free will planet. You don't need to know every detail, and it is preferred that you do not get caught up in it as it can lower your vibration, but rather have a basic understanding so you know where to spread the Light, where to extend the sword. And all of this done from a higher perspective is key.

Check in within your heart now. Do you feel this call? Do you know that this was all part of the plan of co-creation but you are entering more intense times now and need to be proactive like never before? I do not want this to at all sound like doom and gloom for that cannot be further from the truth. You are bringing forth Heaven onto Earth. YOU are the change-makers and YOU will help change this planet forevermore.

I, Archangel Michael, do not hate those that I battle. They must be stopped but if I expelled the energy of hate, that is war-like, the type of war that occurs on Earth. I am only about love. And love can, does, and will transform the world. My sword is about Love, ultimately, and even when I wield it, it is with the force of Love. Anything else would have no lasting consequence. My sword lights the way to transmutation and transformation of these dark energies. Thus, the requirement for detachment is vitally important. Again, when you raise the sword it is vital to stay in the highest space of Light and love and I will be there to help you do this.

Author: Mary Soliel
Publisher: Twelve Twelve Publishing, LLC
Published: 01/17/2018
Pages: 232
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.70lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.49d
ISBN: 9780989016926

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